Friday, 24 October 2014

The Voice US Season 7 - Top 32


The Voice is back!!!! Like 2 months ago lol. But I'm too lazy to make a review during the early stages. I felt like it was too long and exhausted. So I was basically waiting for the Knockout Round which is definitely my favorite stage in The Voice. Here are Top 32 who will compete in the KR next week. 

Team Adam

Adam has a solid team again this season. I really like Chris. I think he has a very beautiful tone. Damien, Blessing & Toia are very similar to me. I like Toia the most. As for the other girls, I love Mia's tone. Kinda reminds me of Camilla from Fifth Harmony. Alessandra has potential but she didn't really stood out yet. Rebekah was montaged in her Blind Audition and Battle Round which kinda unfair to her because she has such a beautiful quirky tone. Matt is definitely one of the standout in the early rounds. It's really tough, but my Top 5 from Team Adam are Chris, Mia, Rebekah, Matt & Alessandra.

Team Blake

Blake has a very strong team this time. He has 3 female singers with powerful voice. I love Reagan so much. And Taylor B also a stand out for me. Allison is also another country singer but I felt like she was overshadowed by Reagan & Taylor B a little bit. Another female singer, Jessie has a very light quirky tone. Reminds me of Ellie Goulding's voice. The male singers didn't really grab my attention though except for James David. He's definitely a winner potential for me. Really strong country voice. Grant & Tanner are too young for this competition and Griffin, I can't remember who he is. So my top 5 are James David, Reagan, Taylor B, Allison & Jessie

Team Gwen

Gwen Stefani is one of the new judges this season. I think she did well so far. Her song choice are really good and majority of her artistes were stole by the other mentors but she still left with stronger artistes. Anita is my favorite. Something about her is very interesting. Bryana is very commercial. Strong pop vocalist. I also like Ryan & Beth. Craig is a very good steal for Gwen because she didn't have a country artist in her team. The other 3 singers are good too. It's going to be hard for Gwen to pick her team later. My top 5 are Anita, Bryana, Ryan, Beth & Craig. 

Team Pharell

Team Pharell is definitely the strongest team this season. All 8 of them are really interesting. Danica is such a powerful vocalist. Katriz has so much potential and Jean has a very rich tone. As for the male vocalist, Taylor P is definitely one of the frontrunners. Menlik is very good. I also like Ricky, Luke & Elyjuh. I have no idea how Pharell going to pick only 4 of them. But my Top 5 are Taylor P, DaNica, Katriz, Jean & Elyjuh.

Next week, KR will start. Taylor Swift will be the advisor for the Knockout Round. I can't wait to see her. 

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