Monday, 8 December 2014

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 9 (Top 4 - Semi Final)

Top 4 Semi Final Live Show

Theme: Christmas & Song To Get To The Final

Favorite Performances:

Fleur East - Uptown Funk

Andrea Faustini - Wrecking Ball

Andrea Faustini - O Holy Night

Fleur slayed her second song so much. I love it. It's very entertaining, fun and amazing. She just become a frontrunner to win the competition. Andrea also had a solid night with two great performances. Ben did a good job but Lauren not so much. I think she was overshadowed by the other three this week. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Lauren Platt & Ben Haenow


Bottom 2: Andrea Faustini & Lauren Platt
Sing-Off Elimination: Lauren Platt (3-1)

Both acts were amazing in the sing-off. Except for Cheryl, other judges voted to keep Andrea. I'm going to miss Lauren. Overall she did so well in the competition. My favorite performance from her is definitely Don't You Worry Child. 

Next week is the finale. Fleur is the clear favorite to win. But Ben.. Don't know why but I think he could be the winner. He's like the combination of Matt Cardle and James Arthur. Andrea is my favorite but I'm not sure if he'll win. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 8 (Top 5)

Top 5 Live Show

Theme: Jukebox & Popstar's Choice

Favorite Performances:

Andrea Faustini - Chandelier

Lauren Platt - Don't You Worry Child

Ben Haenow - Thinking Out Loud

A great week overall. Andrea is coming back stronger this week. Both songs were fantastic but my favorite is Chandelier. I love the way he control his voice and didn't overdo it. Lauren & Ben were also solid this week. Fleur was just okay for me this week but still million miles better from Stereo Kicks. Stereo Kicks should be in the bottom 2 but I'm not sure who's going to join them. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Stereo Kicks & Fleur East


Bottom 2: Stereo Kicks & Lauren Platt
Sing-Off Elimination: Stereo Kicks (Deadlock)

When Mel strategically decided to vote out Lauren, I was like what!!! Fortunately Simon decided to be fair this week and gave his vote to keep Lauren. I like Stereo Kicks but it was pretty obvious that the other 4 acts were much stronger than them. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 7 (Top 7)

Top 7 Live Show

Theme: Whitney Houston vs Elton John

Favorite Performances:

Lauren Platt - How Will I Know

Fleur East - I'm Every Woman

Lauren surprised me the most this week. I didn't expect that. I thought, she's going to sing the song like what she did in her audition. She looks comfortable on the stage. Fleur also did well. Except for Stevi, I like the other performances too. 

Bottom 3 Prediction:
Stevi Ritchie, Only The Young & Stereo Kicks


Bottom 3: Andrea Faustini, Stevi Ritchie & Only The Young
Instant Elimination: Only The Young
Sing-Off Elimination: Stevi Ritchie (3-1)

Arghh.. Not a fan of double elimination. I don't think OTY deserved to be eliminated over Stevi and Stereo Kicks. So sad for them. I was a little bit surprised to see Andrea in the bottom. Well, hopefully he and Mel realized that lately he was being so predictable with his song choice. Finally Stevi gone.. And he left with his best vocal performance in the competition. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 6 (Top 8)

Top 8 Live Show

Theme: Big Band

Favorite Performances:

Fleur East - Bang Bang

Andrea Faustini - Summertime

Only The Young - I Wanna Be Like You

Arghh.. Not a fan of this theme because I knew it's going to be a boring night. And I was right. Except for Fleur I wasn't invested in the other song choices. Fleur continue to impress me. For the first time, I believe she could win this competition. My least favorite performances this week are Jay James & Stevi. I'm not sure how Stevi is going to survive the bottom 2 this week.

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Jay James & Stevi Ritchie


Bottom 2: Jay James & Stevi Ritchie
Sing-Off Elimination: Jay James (Deadlock)

Both of them were kinda bad in their sing-off. Honestly I don't care who's going home between these two. I was surprised though that Mel decided to vote off Jay. Hmm.. Guess she's being strategic. Jay James was eliminated. I used to like him but Simon kept giving wrong songs to him. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 5 (Top 9)

Top 9 Live Show

Theme: Queen vs Michael Jackson

Favorite Performances:

Andrea Faustini - Somebody To Love

Fleur East - Will You Be There

Stereo Kicks - You Are Not Alone

Another underwhelming week for me. Andrea is definitely the best for me. Fleur finally sing a slower song and I really like what she did with this song. Stereo Kicks bounced back from the bottom 2 last week. My least favorite performances this week are Stevi & Jay James. Jay struggled with the high notes while Stevi is Stevi. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Jay James & Paul Akister


Bottom 2: Jay James & Paul Akister
Sing-Off Elimination: Paul Akister (Deadlock)

Paul did an okay job this week but I just knew he's going home this week. He was stronger than Jay in the sing-off. It was obvious that he should win the sing-off but Louis decided to save Jay. Once again, Louis become a reason for Paul to be eliminated. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Anugerah Juara Lagu 29 (AJL 29) - Keputusan Separuh Akhir


Baru je lepas habis tengok semi final AJL 29. Finally umumkan keputusan untuk tahun ini. Ada 12 lagu semuanya dipilih untuk berentap di peringkat akhir nanti. 12 lagu tersebut adalah

1. Masih Aku Cinta - Shila Amzah
2. Di Pintu Syurga - Dayang Nurfaizah
3. Romancinta - Mojo
4. Gadis Jolobu - W.A.R.I.S ft. Hattan
5. Lelaki - Yuna
6. Percayalah - Indah Ruhaila
7. Gilalah - Stacy
8. Sesal Separuh Nyawa - Alyah
9. Rentak Laguku - Bunkface ft. Amy
10. Matahari - Hafiz
11. Apa Khabar - Joe Flizzow ft. SonaOne
12. Malaikat - Hazama

Berbanding tahun lepas, aku rasa persaingan tahun ni lebih sengit kot. Antara lagu-lagu favorite aku untuk tahun ni adalah Masih Aku Cinta, Di Pintu Syurga, Percayalah, Sesal Separuh Nyawa dan Matahari. Cuma sedikit hairan bila lagu Mewangi tak dapat masuk final. Hmmm. Okaylah. Final akan ditayangkan dalam bulan Januari biasanya. Tak sabar!!!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 4 (Top 11)

Top 11 Live Show

Theme: Halloween

Favorite Performances:

Only The Young - Monster Mash/Crocodile

Lauren Platt - Dark Horse

Stereo Kicks - Everybody

Andrea Faustini - Relight My Fire

This is such a weird week. Half of the song choices didn't really represent the Halloween to me. Finally Only The Young shown some potential. I think they nailed it this week. Stereo Kicks continued to improve. Lauren was still consistent and Andrea did great with his vocal but the concept of his performance was horrendous. He was in a gold paint and he looked so uncomfortable. The weakest performance this week for me were Stevi, Jack Walton and Paul Akister. 

Bottom 3 Prediction:
~ Jack Walton, Paul Akister & Lola Saunders


Bottom 3: Jack Walton, Lola Saunders & Stereo Kicks
Instant Elimination: Jack Walton
Sing-Off Elimination: Lola Saunders (Deadlock)

Arghh.. I was hoping for Lola vs Paul because Lola had more chance to survive against him. Surprise that SK was in the bottom again. Honestly Lola killed them in the sing-off. I don't get Mel B's vote at all. For her daughter? As for Jack, I think he was thrown under the bus and was given a very hard song. That wasn't him at all. Lola needs to gain more confidence. She was so good especially at the sing-off. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 3 (Top 12)

Top 12 Live Show

Theme: Songs From Movies

Favorite Performances:

Stereo Kicks - Let It Be/Hey Jude

Fleur East - Lady Marmalade

Lauren Platt - Let It Go

Andrea Faustini - Listen

A little bit boring this week due to a very predictable song choice. Yes, Fleur, Lauren & Andrea continue to give great performances but sometimes, I feel like I watched the same performances all over again from these three. Ben continued to pick a lame song for himself. Aerosmith? The biggest surprise to me was Stereo Kicks. Finally I can see something different from them. Their performance is definitely my favorite performance this week. My least favorite performances were Jake Quickenden, Lola Saunders & Stevi Ritchie. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Jake Quickenden & Stevi Ritchie

Bottom 2: Jake Quickenden & Only The Young
Sing-Off Elimination: Jake Quickenden (3-1)

Damn.. I knew Stevi will be saved again by the public. It's a little bit annoying. He's not even a funny joke act like Rylan Clark. As for Jake, after third week in a row with average performances, it's definitely the right time for him to go. Only The Young need to come back stronger next week. I still didn't love any performances from them in the live show. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 2 (Top 14)

Top 14 Live Show

Theme: 1980s Music

Favorite Performances:

Lauren Platt - What A Feeling

Lola Saunders - Imagine

Jay James - I'm Gonna Be

Ben Haenow - Jealous Guy

Andrea Faustini - One Moment In Time

Fleur East - It's A Shame

Unlike last season, this year is going to be so unpredictable. I still can't predict who's going to be in the final this season. Lauren Platt & Lola Saunders were outstanding this week. Definitely my picks for the best performance of this week. As for my least favorites, I think Stevi Ritchie, Jake Quickenden & Stereo Kicks should be in the bottom 3. 

Bottom 3 Prediction: 
~ Jake Quickenden, Stereo Kicks & Stephanie Nala (Yeah again. Instead of Stevi, Steph will be in the bottom 3 again)

Bottom 3: Stephanie Nala, Stereo Kicks & Chloe Jasmine
Instant Elimination: Stephanie Nala
Sing-Off Elimination: Chloe Jasmine (3-1)

Wow.. I was a little surprised to see Chloe in the bottom 3. Yeah she didn't really stood out last night, but she definitely deserved to move forward over some of the acts. Stereo Kicks just didn't work out for me. Something about these 8 lads was just too awkward too watch. As for Steph, I like her but Cheryl shouldn't pick her. She's more suitable to be in the group. Instead of Steph, Cheryl should pick Kerrianne who would do well in the live show. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 1 (Top 16)

Top 16 Live Show

Theme: Number Ones

Favorite Performances:

Andrea Faustini - Earth Songs

Fleur East - All About That Bass

Lauren Platt - Happy

Lola Saunders - Stay With Me

Chloe Jasmine - Toxic

Jack Walton - Only Girl (In The World)

Overall, it's a very good first live show. I can see so many potential winner. Beside of the performances I listed above, I also like Only The Young, Ben Haenow, Jay James and Stereo Kicks. The star of this week show is definitely Andrea Faustini. He just killed that song beautifully. My least favorite performances for this week are Stevi Ritchie, Blonde Electra & Overload Generation. 

Bottom 3 Prediction:
~ Blonde Electra, Overload Generation & Stephanie Nala (I like her but there's no way Stevi will be in the bottom 3 because UK public really like joke acts.


Bottom 3: Blonde Electra, Overload Generation & Stephanie Nala
Instant Elimination: Blonde Electra
Sing-Off Elimination: Overload Generation (Deadlock)
A little bit upset for Blonde Electra. They tried too much to be a joke act. They actually have a really good vocal but they never showed it. I just don't get it. As for Overload Generation, I just don't get why the producer let this group to be picked by Mel B when we still have other decent groups who were eliminated at the Judges House. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Top 16


I'm so happy that we're going to get 16 finalists instead of 12 because there were still so many good acts were eliminated. However this time, other judges will pick the wildcard for each category. Here are the Top 16 finalists for this season. 

Boys Category (Mel B)

Andrea Faustini

Jack Walton

Jake Quickenden

Paul Akister

Very strong category. Mel B originally pick Andrea, Jake & Paul while Simon picked Jack as her wildcard. Andrea is definitely my favorite. Very humble and his voice is very powerful. Jack is very unique while Jake has a very beautiful tone. Meanwhile Paul has a very soulful voice. 

Girls Category (Cheryl)

Chloe Jasmine

Lauren Platt

Lola Saunders

Stephanie Nala

Unlike Mel, I think Cheryl made a bad decision. She originally picked Chloe, Lauren & Stephanie. I understand why she picked Lauren but the other two. I like Chloe & Stephanie but the other singers such as Kerianne & Lola were stronger than these two. For the wildcard, Simon picked Lola which Cheryl should be thankful. Lauren & Lola have so much potential. But both of them need to be more confident. Chloe is very interesting due to her posh personality but she only can sing jazz songs. And Stephanie, her voice is really thin, She needs to pick a suitable song for her voice. 

Overs Category (Simon Cowell)

Ben Haenow

Fleur East

Jay James

Stevi Ritchie

Simon's original picks are Ben, Fleur & Jay. I think he made a right decision. Three of them have so much potential. Ben has this very rock-ish and soulful voice and Jay has a very beautiful light quirky tone. And Fleur, she really stood out during the Judges House. However, Cheryl decide to bring back Stevi. What? Over someone like Helen, Janet and Lizzy. I don't get why UK public really like Cheryl as a judge. She made poor decision again and again. 

Groups Category

Blonde Electra

Only The Young

Overload Generations

Stereo Kicks

Louis as always made a very 'weird' decision. Sometimes, it was good but other times, it was really unnecessary. Only The Young definitely earned their spot. Stereo Kicks is very interesting but if he didn't know what to do with 8-pieces boyband, they are going to be disaster. Blonde Electra can sing actually but I didn't get why they want to be a joke-act. As for wildcard, Mel B brought back Overload Generations. It's a little bit weird considering they didn't even get to go to the Judges House but the other 3 acts who were eliminated at the Judges House weren't that good so I get Mel's decision. 

The Voice US Season 7 - Top 32


The Voice is back!!!! Like 2 months ago lol. But I'm too lazy to make a review during the early stages. I felt like it was too long and exhausted. So I was basically waiting for the Knockout Round which is definitely my favorite stage in The Voice. Here are Top 32 who will compete in the KR next week. 

Team Adam

Adam has a solid team again this season. I really like Chris. I think he has a very beautiful tone. Damien, Blessing & Toia are very similar to me. I like Toia the most. As for the other girls, I love Mia's tone. Kinda reminds me of Camilla from Fifth Harmony. Alessandra has potential but she didn't really stood out yet. Rebekah was montaged in her Blind Audition and Battle Round which kinda unfair to her because she has such a beautiful quirky tone. Matt is definitely one of the standout in the early rounds. It's really tough, but my Top 5 from Team Adam are Chris, Mia, Rebekah, Matt & Alessandra.

Team Blake

Blake has a very strong team this time. He has 3 female singers with powerful voice. I love Reagan so much. And Taylor B also a stand out for me. Allison is also another country singer but I felt like she was overshadowed by Reagan & Taylor B a little bit. Another female singer, Jessie has a very light quirky tone. Reminds me of Ellie Goulding's voice. The male singers didn't really grab my attention though except for James David. He's definitely a winner potential for me. Really strong country voice. Grant & Tanner are too young for this competition and Griffin, I can't remember who he is. So my top 5 are James David, Reagan, Taylor B, Allison & Jessie

Team Gwen

Gwen Stefani is one of the new judges this season. I think she did well so far. Her song choice are really good and majority of her artistes were stole by the other mentors but she still left with stronger artistes. Anita is my favorite. Something about her is very interesting. Bryana is very commercial. Strong pop vocalist. I also like Ryan & Beth. Craig is a very good steal for Gwen because she didn't have a country artist in her team. The other 3 singers are good too. It's going to be hard for Gwen to pick her team later. My top 5 are Anita, Bryana, Ryan, Beth & Craig. 

Team Pharell

Team Pharell is definitely the strongest team this season. All 8 of them are really interesting. Danica is such a powerful vocalist. Katriz has so much potential and Jean has a very rich tone. As for the male vocalist, Taylor P is definitely one of the frontrunners. Menlik is very good. I also like Ricky, Luke & Elyjuh. I have no idea how Pharell going to pick only 4 of them. But my Top 5 are Taylor P, DaNica, Katriz, Jean & Elyjuh.

Next week, KR will start. Taylor Swift will be the advisor for the Knockout Round. I can't wait to see her. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Life Update


Dah lama tak berblogging. Agak busy sikit. Banyak kerja dan bulan 8 dan 9 juga memerlukan aku untuk fokus pada komitmen lain. But I'm here and ready to blogging again. 

So apa yang baru pasal kehidupan aku. Well, aku dah pindah ke bilik baru. Bilik kali ni lebih besar dan siap ada bathroom lagi. So aku memang excited dapat bilik baru ni dan sewa bulanan dia pun memang berpatutan. 

Lagi satu, aku baru je lepas interview sebagai Pensyarah Politeknik. Seriously nervous giler aku. Tapi mujurlah kawan baik aku Hazrey interview sekali so perasaan gugup tu berjaya diatasi. Ada dalam 10 calon so tak tahulah rezeki aku macam mana. Doa-doakanlah ya. 

My mother pula, baru buka bisnes. Jual nasi berlauk. Kadangkala rasa sebak juga memikirkan Mama aku tu. Sudah lebih 3 bulan Papa 'pergi'. Setakat ni bisnes masih okay. Hopefully, tuhan bagi Mama aku kecekalan untuk menghadapi hari-hari yang mendatang ni. 

Cinta? Aku dah single. Nothing much to say about it. 

That's all. I'll see you guys later. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Novel Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Hari ni aku nak review satu novel yang memang dah lama aku usha tapi payah nak jumpa. Novel ini merupakan novel bergenre 'Young Adult' yang paling popular pada tahun lepas. Aku memang pernah nampar versi E-book yang boleh didownload cuma aku nak baca pakai apa. Rupa-rupanya, Ipod aku yang dah berusia 3 tahun tu boleh download app Ibooks. Aku ingat hanya untuk Ipad je app Ibooks ni. So apa lagi memang banyak juga lah buku aku masukkan dalam Ipod. Hajat di hati untuk beli Kindle terpaksa ditangguhkan dulu. Huhu. 

Sedang aku baca versi digital, akhrinya aku jumpa physical copy of this book at Popular. Terus aku beli. Yalah walaupun dah ada versi E-book tetapi buku yang betul-betul buku tetap nombor satu. Huhu. Okay, novel ni memang seriously fantastic lah. Kejap je aku ambik masa untuk habiskan satu buku. 

Novel hasil nukilan Rainbow Rowell ini mengisahkan perhubungan di antara dua orang remaja iaitu Eleanor dan Park. Eleanor merupakan seorang gadis yang suka menyendiri dan mempunyai masalah keluarga terpaksa berpindah ke kawasan baru, mengikuti ibunya tinggal di rumah suami baru ibunya. Penampilannya yang pelik serta rambut merahnya yang kerinting membuatkan dia dipandang rendah. Pada hari pertama persekolahannya, Eleanor yang terpaksa menaiki bas sekolah tidak berjaya mendapat tempat duduk sehinggalah Park, seorang budak lelaki kacukan Korea membenarkan Eleanor duduk di sebelahnya walaupun dia tidak menyenangi Eleanor. Dari hari ke sehari, hubungan di antara Eleanor dan Park menjadi semakin rapat. Bermula sebagai sahabat, mereka kemudiaannya jatuh cinta di antara satu sama lain. 

To me, this is one of my favorite novel ever. I love the 80's reference in this book and two main characters in this book are so lovable. I love the relationship between them and even the supporting characters in this book like Park's family are so likable as well. Totally love this. One of the must have book to those yang suka membaca. Aku suka dengan isu yang diutarakan dalam novel ni seperti first love, buli, insecurity, domestic abuse. Banyak yang boleh dijadikan teladan. 

Overall Rating:

Friday, 18 July 2014

Big Brother US Season 16 - Week 3 Summary

Big Brother USA 16

Week 3

Week #3 Summary

~ Nicole & Derrick won HOH Competition this week. Then Nicole was dethroned after her nominees, Amber & Donny won Battle of the Block Competition. 

~ The plan this was to backdoor Devin and it worked after he failed to win POV Competition

~ Donny won POV Competition and he used the veto to remove Jocasta from the block. 

~ After Bomb Squad was exploded last week, there is a new alliance in the house which is 'The Detonators' consist of Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie & Christine. Christine also has another alliance with Hayden & Nicole while Derrick has final two alliance with Cody and Zach has final two alliance with Frankie.  

~ Devin was unanimously evicted from the house by 11 votes.

~ Team America completed their first mission by spread the rumors that Zach is Amanda's cousin (from last season)  

Week 3 (Episode 9 - Episode 11)

Big Brother US Season 16 - Week 2 Summary

Big Brother USA 16

Week 2

Week #2 Summary

~ As Head of Household, Devin became crazier than last week. 

~ He planned to evict Brittany but then he changed the plan and wanted Zach out from the game.

~ Bomb Squad was exploded. When Devin failed to convince the other to evict Zach, he didn't want to be in the Bomb Squad anymore.

~ Bomb Squad alliance was exposed by Zach and Devin.  

~ Caleb is still crushing on Amber even though Amber already said no to him.

~ Team America was officially on duty. Donny, Frankie & Derek were picked by America to be on Team America.  

~ Paola was evicted by 10-2. Only Jocasta and Donny voted to save her. 

Week 2 (Episode 6 - Episode 8)

Friday, 11 July 2014



Hari ni just nak share menu-menu kegemaran aku sepanjang bulan Jun dan juga Julai. Tambahan pula dah masuk bulan Ramadan. Lagilah banyak benda nak makan. So inilah antara favorite aku sepanjang bulan Jun yang lalu. 

Roti John Sardin @ Aeon Jusco

~ Aku memang bukan peminat Roti John. Pernah makan, tu pun kalau orang lain yang beli. But satu hari aku nampak Aeon Jusco ada jual Roti John Sardin ni sempena bulan Ramadan. Harga dia RM 2.60. Trylah beli satu. Oh gosh, seriously lazat. So keesokan hari aku beli lagi 2 untuk berbuka puasa. Ingat ke nak share with my roomie. Tak sempat pun. Aku licinkan dulu. Haha. 

Red Velvet Latte @ Caffe Bene

Aku pernah baca yang Korean people prefer Caffe Bene daripada Starbucks. So bila Caffe Bene ni dibuka di Sunway Pyramid, aku memang tak lepaskan peluang untuk cuba minuman kat sini. Tambahan pula Mr Bean dah tutup, so I need another option. Takkan nak minum Chatime je selalu. So aku try this Red Velvet Latte yang mana ia adalah special menu untuk this year. Memang lazat. Agak milky dan creamy sedikit. So cepat muak sikit. But it's nice. 

Tangy Crunch @ KFC

Tak surelah jika menu ni pernah ada tahun-tahun lepas. Tak ingat pula. But I like the taste. Pedas dan masam. Reminds me of rasa tomyam. Very nice. 

Ramadan Menu @ Capricciosa

Ada 3 menu actually. Tapi gambar atas untuk set 'Nice To Meet You'. Aku lupa pulak apa nama dua set lagi. Tapi untuk set ni ada Beef Burger Steak, Chicken Parmigiana, Meat Balls, Bolognaise Pasta & Butter Veggie. Aku dan Mr Y kongsi sebab agak banya jugak menu dia. Harga dalam RM50 kot. Really nice. Tapi yang tak boleh blah, after berbuka dengan menu ni, kami still lapar so apa lagi. Tambah order lasagna lah jawabnya. Perut oh perut. 

Kopiko L.A. Coffee

Aku cukup anti bila tengok iklan L.A Coffee ni. Macam fake jer. But iklan dia ni lah juga yang buat aku nak beli. Huhu. Rasa kopi dia memang kaw. Best sangat. So sekarang ni waktu tidur aku kacau bilau disebabkan kopi ni. Huhu. 

Read This

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