Friday, 28 November 2014

Anugerah Juara Lagu 29 (AJL 29) - Keputusan Separuh Akhir


Baru je lepas habis tengok semi final AJL 29. Finally umumkan keputusan untuk tahun ini. Ada 12 lagu semuanya dipilih untuk berentap di peringkat akhir nanti. 12 lagu tersebut adalah

1. Masih Aku Cinta - Shila Amzah
2. Di Pintu Syurga - Dayang Nurfaizah
3. Romancinta - Mojo
4. Gadis Jolobu - W.A.R.I.S ft. Hattan
5. Lelaki - Yuna
6. Percayalah - Indah Ruhaila
7. Gilalah - Stacy
8. Sesal Separuh Nyawa - Alyah
9. Rentak Laguku - Bunkface ft. Amy
10. Matahari - Hafiz
11. Apa Khabar - Joe Flizzow ft. SonaOne
12. Malaikat - Hazama

Berbanding tahun lepas, aku rasa persaingan tahun ni lebih sengit kot. Antara lagu-lagu favorite aku untuk tahun ni adalah Masih Aku Cinta, Di Pintu Syurga, Percayalah, Sesal Separuh Nyawa dan Matahari. Cuma sedikit hairan bila lagu Mewangi tak dapat masuk final. Hmmm. Okaylah. Final akan ditayangkan dalam bulan Januari biasanya. Tak sabar!!!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 4 (Top 11)

Top 11 Live Show

Theme: Halloween

Favorite Performances:

Only The Young - Monster Mash/Crocodile

Lauren Platt - Dark Horse

Stereo Kicks - Everybody

Andrea Faustini - Relight My Fire

This is such a weird week. Half of the song choices didn't really represent the Halloween to me. Finally Only The Young shown some potential. I think they nailed it this week. Stereo Kicks continued to improve. Lauren was still consistent and Andrea did great with his vocal but the concept of his performance was horrendous. He was in a gold paint and he looked so uncomfortable. The weakest performance this week for me were Stevi, Jack Walton and Paul Akister. 

Bottom 3 Prediction:
~ Jack Walton, Paul Akister & Lola Saunders


Bottom 3: Jack Walton, Lola Saunders & Stereo Kicks
Instant Elimination: Jack Walton
Sing-Off Elimination: Lola Saunders (Deadlock)

Arghh.. I was hoping for Lola vs Paul because Lola had more chance to survive against him. Surprise that SK was in the bottom again. Honestly Lola killed them in the sing-off. I don't get Mel B's vote at all. For her daughter? As for Jack, I think he was thrown under the bus and was given a very hard song. That wasn't him at all. Lola needs to gain more confidence. She was so good especially at the sing-off. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 3 (Top 12)

Top 12 Live Show

Theme: Songs From Movies

Favorite Performances:

Stereo Kicks - Let It Be/Hey Jude

Fleur East - Lady Marmalade

Lauren Platt - Let It Go

Andrea Faustini - Listen

A little bit boring this week due to a very predictable song choice. Yes, Fleur, Lauren & Andrea continue to give great performances but sometimes, I feel like I watched the same performances all over again from these three. Ben continued to pick a lame song for himself. Aerosmith? The biggest surprise to me was Stereo Kicks. Finally I can see something different from them. Their performance is definitely my favorite performance this week. My least favorite performances were Jake Quickenden, Lola Saunders & Stevi Ritchie. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Jake Quickenden & Stevi Ritchie

Bottom 2: Jake Quickenden & Only The Young
Sing-Off Elimination: Jake Quickenden (3-1)

Damn.. I knew Stevi will be saved again by the public. It's a little bit annoying. He's not even a funny joke act like Rylan Clark. As for Jake, after third week in a row with average performances, it's definitely the right time for him to go. Only The Young need to come back stronger next week. I still didn't love any performances from them in the live show. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 2 (Top 14)

Top 14 Live Show

Theme: 1980s Music

Favorite Performances:

Lauren Platt - What A Feeling

Lola Saunders - Imagine

Jay James - I'm Gonna Be

Ben Haenow - Jealous Guy

Andrea Faustini - One Moment In Time

Fleur East - It's A Shame

Unlike last season, this year is going to be so unpredictable. I still can't predict who's going to be in the final this season. Lauren Platt & Lola Saunders were outstanding this week. Definitely my picks for the best performance of this week. As for my least favorites, I think Stevi Ritchie, Jake Quickenden & Stereo Kicks should be in the bottom 3. 

Bottom 3 Prediction: 
~ Jake Quickenden, Stereo Kicks & Stephanie Nala (Yeah again. Instead of Stevi, Steph will be in the bottom 3 again)

Bottom 3: Stephanie Nala, Stereo Kicks & Chloe Jasmine
Instant Elimination: Stephanie Nala
Sing-Off Elimination: Chloe Jasmine (3-1)

Wow.. I was a little surprised to see Chloe in the bottom 3. Yeah she didn't really stood out last night, but she definitely deserved to move forward over some of the acts. Stereo Kicks just didn't work out for me. Something about these 8 lads was just too awkward too watch. As for Steph, I like her but Cheryl shouldn't pick her. She's more suitable to be in the group. Instead of Steph, Cheryl should pick Kerrianne who would do well in the live show. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 1 (Top 16)

Top 16 Live Show

Theme: Number Ones

Favorite Performances:

Andrea Faustini - Earth Songs

Fleur East - All About That Bass

Lauren Platt - Happy

Lola Saunders - Stay With Me

Chloe Jasmine - Toxic

Jack Walton - Only Girl (In The World)

Overall, it's a very good first live show. I can see so many potential winner. Beside of the performances I listed above, I also like Only The Young, Ben Haenow, Jay James and Stereo Kicks. The star of this week show is definitely Andrea Faustini. He just killed that song beautifully. My least favorite performances for this week are Stevi Ritchie, Blonde Electra & Overload Generation. 

Bottom 3 Prediction:
~ Blonde Electra, Overload Generation & Stephanie Nala (I like her but there's no way Stevi will be in the bottom 3 because UK public really like joke acts.


Bottom 3: Blonde Electra, Overload Generation & Stephanie Nala
Instant Elimination: Blonde Electra
Sing-Off Elimination: Overload Generation (Deadlock)
A little bit upset for Blonde Electra. They tried too much to be a joke act. They actually have a really good vocal but they never showed it. I just don't get it. As for Overload Generation, I just don't get why the producer let this group to be picked by Mel B when we still have other decent groups who were eliminated at the Judges House. 

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