Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Perfume Review: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Rollerball

Selamat Pagi!!!

Untuk my first post ever, I nak share dgn you guys pasal the latest fragrance yang I beli. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck!!! I dah lama cari perfume ni. Survey harga, survey the notes and everything. Finally I jumpa satu website yang jual Taylor Swift Wonderstruck dalam bentuk rollerball which is perfect sebab I nak cuba dulu whether it's perfect for my skin or not. 

Bila dapat jer rollerball tu, I golek sakan je kat pergelangan tangan, leher and everywhere lol. It works perfectly for me. The smell is so amazing on me. I memang ada banyak perfume yang based on vanilla so that's why I'm a little bit skeptical whether to buy another vanilla based perfume but it's WORTH it!!!

Wonderstruck ni merupakan perfume sulung dari Taylor Swift. I memang die hard fan Taylor Swift so I'm really glad that this perfume smells good on me. The official notes of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck perfume are:

  • Top notes: freesia, apple blossom and raspberry
  • Mid notes: vanilla, honeysuckle and white hibiscus
  • Base notes: golden amber, sandalwood and peach
Bau yang paling menonjol dalam perfume ni mestilah vanilla dan saya juga ada bau floral a lot in this perfume. So I memang puas hati sangat dengan purchase ini. So I'm going to buy the full size version later cause I really like the perfume. 

So below ni adalah information on kat mana I beli perfume ini dan harganya sekali. 

WHERE: Galeri Wangian (Online Store)

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