Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Album Review: Red by Taylor Swift


Finally dapat ambil sedikit masa untuk buat a little review on Taylor Swift's latest album Red. I was lucky actually because I don't have to buy this album cause I got it free from YES World!!! Thank you so much YES!!!!

Album Red ni merupakan album keempat Taylor Swift after 'Taylor Swift', 'Fearless' & 'Speak Now'. I start follow Taylor sejak album kedua dia. Masa tu I really don't know her well because Country artiste kan a little bit unknown in Malaysia. Tapi I memang minat lah lagu 'Love Story'. So I wiki'ed her and learned so many things about her. After that I terus declare yang I adalah Swifties for life!!!

Inspirasi album Red masih lagi sama seperti album2 terdahulu iaitu pengalaman cinta Taylor sendiri. So ada banyak lah lagu pasal falling in love and also heartbreak in this album. Album Taylor this time lebih Pop and catchier than before. I actually really glad when Taylor decided to be more Pop. Tapi untuk peminat country tegar pun still ada lagi lagu2 country dalam album

My Top 3 songs in this album... Hmmm... This is so tough cause I love every songs here but I imagine ada org tgh acukan pistol kat my head so I'll pick We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble & Red.

For know just enjoy the music videos taken from the singles for this album

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (First Pop Single)

Begin Again (First Country Single)

I Knew You Were Trouble (Second Pop Single)

WHERE: Speedy & Rock Corner

PRICE: RM 46.90 (Standard) & RM 55.90 (Deluxe)

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