Monday 8 December 2014

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 9 (Top 4 - Semi Final)

Top 4 Semi Final Live Show

Theme: Christmas & Song To Get To The Final

Favorite Performances:

Fleur East - Uptown Funk

Andrea Faustini - Wrecking Ball

Andrea Faustini - O Holy Night

Fleur slayed her second song so much. I love it. It's very entertaining, fun and amazing. She just become a frontrunner to win the competition. Andrea also had a solid night with two great performances. Ben did a good job but Lauren not so much. I think she was overshadowed by the other three this week. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Lauren Platt & Ben Haenow


Bottom 2: Andrea Faustini & Lauren Platt
Sing-Off Elimination: Lauren Platt (3-1)

Both acts were amazing in the sing-off. Except for Cheryl, other judges voted to keep Andrea. I'm going to miss Lauren. Overall she did so well in the competition. My favorite performance from her is definitely Don't You Worry Child. 

Next week is the finale. Fleur is the clear favorite to win. But Ben.. Don't know why but I think he could be the winner. He's like the combination of Matt Cardle and James Arthur. Andrea is my favorite but I'm not sure if he'll win. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 8 (Top 5)

Top 5 Live Show

Theme: Jukebox & Popstar's Choice

Favorite Performances:

Andrea Faustini - Chandelier

Lauren Platt - Don't You Worry Child

Ben Haenow - Thinking Out Loud

A great week overall. Andrea is coming back stronger this week. Both songs were fantastic but my favorite is Chandelier. I love the way he control his voice and didn't overdo it. Lauren & Ben were also solid this week. Fleur was just okay for me this week but still million miles better from Stereo Kicks. Stereo Kicks should be in the bottom 2 but I'm not sure who's going to join them. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Stereo Kicks & Fleur East


Bottom 2: Stereo Kicks & Lauren Platt
Sing-Off Elimination: Stereo Kicks (Deadlock)

When Mel strategically decided to vote out Lauren, I was like what!!! Fortunately Simon decided to be fair this week and gave his vote to keep Lauren. I like Stereo Kicks but it was pretty obvious that the other 4 acts were much stronger than them. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 7 (Top 7)

Top 7 Live Show

Theme: Whitney Houston vs Elton John

Favorite Performances:

Lauren Platt - How Will I Know

Fleur East - I'm Every Woman

Lauren surprised me the most this week. I didn't expect that. I thought, she's going to sing the song like what she did in her audition. She looks comfortable on the stage. Fleur also did well. Except for Stevi, I like the other performances too. 

Bottom 3 Prediction:
Stevi Ritchie, Only The Young & Stereo Kicks


Bottom 3: Andrea Faustini, Stevi Ritchie & Only The Young
Instant Elimination: Only The Young
Sing-Off Elimination: Stevi Ritchie (3-1)

Arghh.. Not a fan of double elimination. I don't think OTY deserved to be eliminated over Stevi and Stereo Kicks. So sad for them. I was a little bit surprised to see Andrea in the bottom. Well, hopefully he and Mel realized that lately he was being so predictable with his song choice. Finally Stevi gone.. And he left with his best vocal performance in the competition. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 6 (Top 8)

Top 8 Live Show

Theme: Big Band

Favorite Performances:

Fleur East - Bang Bang

Andrea Faustini - Summertime

Only The Young - I Wanna Be Like You

Arghh.. Not a fan of this theme because I knew it's going to be a boring night. And I was right. Except for Fleur I wasn't invested in the other song choices. Fleur continue to impress me. For the first time, I believe she could win this competition. My least favorite performances this week are Jay James & Stevi. I'm not sure how Stevi is going to survive the bottom 2 this week.

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Jay James & Stevi Ritchie


Bottom 2: Jay James & Stevi Ritchie
Sing-Off Elimination: Jay James (Deadlock)

Both of them were kinda bad in their sing-off. Honestly I don't care who's going home between these two. I was surprised though that Mel decided to vote off Jay. Hmm.. Guess she's being strategic. Jay James was eliminated. I used to like him but Simon kept giving wrong songs to him. 

The X Factor UK Season 11 - Live Show 5 (Top 9)

Top 9 Live Show

Theme: Queen vs Michael Jackson

Favorite Performances:

Andrea Faustini - Somebody To Love

Fleur East - Will You Be There

Stereo Kicks - You Are Not Alone

Another underwhelming week for me. Andrea is definitely the best for me. Fleur finally sing a slower song and I really like what she did with this song. Stereo Kicks bounced back from the bottom 2 last week. My least favorite performances this week are Stevi & Jay James. Jay struggled with the high notes while Stevi is Stevi. 

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Jay James & Paul Akister


Bottom 2: Jay James & Paul Akister
Sing-Off Elimination: Paul Akister (Deadlock)

Paul did an okay job this week but I just knew he's going home this week. He was stronger than Jay in the sing-off. It was obvious that he should win the sing-off but Louis decided to save Jay. Once again, Louis become a reason for Paul to be eliminated. 

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