Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Big Brother 15: Episode 1


The Game is officially starts!!! So here are my reviews and reactions for the first episode. And also a little bit spoilers on what's going on with the live feeds now.

1. Chen-bot is back!!!!
2. Meet The Houseguests package video was full with fake surprise reactions from the hgs when they received the key.
3. Jeremy reminds me of Taylor Lautner and there was a shot in the intro video where he and his friends only wearing shorts and it reminds of Jacob and his wolf pack. 
4. Jessie's totally BB 14's Danielle 2.0. She thinks she's the prettiest and other girls will hate her and target her. LOL
5. Elissa totally looked like Rachel during the HOH Comps. 
6. Rachel's cameo in Elissa's package video. Love it. 
7. Two Alliances formed in the first episode. Spencer/Howard/Jeremy and Jeremy/Jessie/David. 
8. Jeremy won 'Never Not' pass. He will never be 'Have Not' 
9. McCrae won the first HOH after made a deal with Nick.
10. Julie revealed the MVP twist. I love the twist. MVP will get to nominate another houseguest up for eviction. The extra nominee will be revealed before POV. So he/she get a chance to win POV to save himself/herself. 

Overall, I love the first episode. So many characters and personality in the house. My Top 5 already changed. Here is my new Top 5

Elissa, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Andy & Amanda.

Live feeds started already. Here are some spoilers from the live feeds. 

1. McCrae nominated Jessie & Candice for eviction
2. All-male alliance "The Moving Company" consisting of Jeremy/Spencer/Howard/Nick/McCrae. I hate the name and already hated their alliance. I hope they failed. 
3. TMC want to backdoor David, the dumb surfer dude. 
4. Kaitlyn & Aaryn is working together. 

So that's all from me. I will see you again soon. Here are the youtube links for episode 1. The quality isn't good. But you still can watch it. Thanks to TheQuirkydude

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