Sunday, 23 June 2013

Big Brother 15: Meet The Cast


One of my guilty pleasures is back!!! I love BB since 2004. First time I watched BB was back in Season 5. Big brother wasn't aired here at Malaysia but thanks to Internet, Download & Torrent, I don't have any problem to watch it now!!!

So I decided to review Big Brother 15 in my blog. This is my first time doing the full review and recap so I'm kinda excited now!!!

First, my reaction to the whole cast. I LOVE it!!! I can't wait the premiere but today I just want to share my first impression on the cast and which one (not going to be one) is my pre-show favorite.

Here are the houseguests for this season. I'm going to start from the top & left to right. 

Aaryn, 22 ~ Southern girl, I got the 'America's Sweetheart' vibes from her. Her meet the cast video was nice. She's a student. My rating for her? 3.6/5

Amanda, 28 ~ She came across as bitchy and loud in her intro video and she adored her boobs. Lol. I think she's going to be interesting. And fierce. I got Kirsten (BB12) vibes from her. 4.2/5

Andy, 26 ~ Ginger and cute. I like him. He seems so smart in his interview. Well he's a professor. Duh!!! I hope he's not going to be so annoying. 4.0/5

Candice, 29 ~ She's a former beauty queen. She's so gorgeous. Her looks remind me of Monet from BB 12 as well. I like her as well. 3.6/5

David, 25 ~ He's kinda dizzy in his video. I think he's going to be fun in the feeds. I want him to be my Ashley (BB14) and Talla (BBCanada1) for this season. 3.9/5

Ellisa, 27 ~ She is Rachel's sister, one of the interesting player of all time. I like Rachel. She came up with lot of catchy and iconic quotes. Elissa seems smarter than her sister. She looks so fit. I think she'll do well. 4.2/5

GinaMarie, 32 ~ She's so confident and I think she's very opinionated and smart. People might see her as a threat. We will see. 3.7/5

Helen, 37 ~ The eldest houseguest for this season. I like her. She seems very educated but I'm not sure if she can fits herself with the younger houseguest. 3.5/5

Howard, 29 ~ Very nice guy. A little bit boring though in his video. But I think people will relate to him and like him. 3.3/5

Jeremy, 23 ~ I'm not sure about him. Really torn about him. I'm not sure if I will like him. I don't really like his interview video. A little bit cocky. 2.8/5

Jessie, 25 ~ She's so cute. She's ready for the showmance. And she's unemployed right now. Wait? Unemployed at 25. But I think she'll be entertaining. 4.1/5

Judd, 26 ~ I love his accent. So far he's not really memorable to me but we will see. 3.1/5

Kaitlin, 23 ~ My least favorite female houseguest this season. She seems okay but nothing about her stood out to me yet. 3.4/5

McCrae, 23 ~ I love him!!! Very goofy and dorky. Love his hair. His interview is great. Can't wait to see him. 4.2/5

Nick, 28 ~ I think he tried too hard in his video but he seems hard. I hope he's not going to try to hard in the beginning cause he looks like an easy target. 3.5/5

Spencer, 31 ~ Oh my beard!!! I don't like his beard. I got Adam's (BB13) vibes from him. I don't like that but we will see. I hope I'm wrong. 3.0/5

So my Top 5 so far ~ McCrae, Elissa, Amanda, Jessie & Andy.. It's definitely going to change lol. So I'll see you guys next time after the premiere.


  1. i loooove BB!!! But personaly i think Aaryn is sooo hot!!#BB15


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