Friday, 18 July 2014

Big Brother US Season 16 - Week 2 Summary

Big Brother USA 16

Week 2

Week #2 Summary

~ As Head of Household, Devin became crazier than last week. 

~ He planned to evict Brittany but then he changed the plan and wanted Zach out from the game.

~ Bomb Squad was exploded. When Devin failed to convince the other to evict Zach, he didn't want to be in the Bomb Squad anymore.

~ Bomb Squad alliance was exposed by Zach and Devin.  

~ Caleb is still crushing on Amber even though Amber already said no to him.

~ Team America was officially on duty. Donny, Frankie & Derek were picked by America to be on Team America.  

~ Paola was evicted by 10-2. Only Jocasta and Donny voted to save her. 

Week 2 (Episode 6 - Episode 8)

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