Monday, 26 August 2013

Big Brother - Week 9 Update (Episode 26)

Big Brother 15 ~ Week #9

HOH Competition: Elissa won HOH. The competition was so hard. It was a combination of endurance and skills. As for the competition between the juror, Judd won and he's back in the game. My favorite, Jessie did great but she fell. I like Judd but I think he'll make the same mistake again. At least he safe this week cause Elissa promised to not nominate him. 

Nomination: Even though, Amanda & McCrae demanded her to nominate Aaryn & GM, Elissa stick to her plan and nominate Aaryn & McCrae. If one of the nominee win POV, she'll put Amanda and backdoor her. If Amanda somehow win veto and use it to veto McCrae, she'll put Andy. No matter what, one of the members from 3AM alliance will go home. Yes. 

POV: Worst thing happened and Amanda won POV. The details on POV Comp will be updated later. 

POV Ceremony: TBC

Eviction: TBC

Big Brother 15 - Episode 26 by Quirkydude

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