Monday, 24 March 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 10 Live Show


After such a great show last week, I have high expectations for this week show. The theme is 'Billboard Hot 100'. Here is my recap. 

1. MK Nobilette (Perfect by Pink)

~ Hollie Cavanagh & Kree Harrison used to sing this. I love Hollie's version the most. MK started so well. But then she lost the tempo and it became such a mess but she managed to end the song correctly. However, I'm not sure how she's going to survive the elimination. C-

2. Dexter Roberts (Cruise by Florida-Georgia Line)

~ Again, his biggest issue is his phrasing. Then, he sings like he is in a bar. I'm not a fan of this performance at all. D+

3. Jena Irene (Clarity by Zedd ft Foxes)

~ Some parts were really good and some of them wasn't. I'm torn with this performance. I think Jena has great energy and it helped this performance a lot. B+

4. Alex Preston (Story Of My Life by One Direction)

~ Alex is officially the one to beat and it's going to be hard to beat him in this competition. Beautiful rendition of the song and great arrangement. A

5. Malaya Watson (When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars)

~ Candice Glover sang this song last year and she's such a great vocalist but honestly I love Malaya's version more. Great voice control from Malaya this week. She improved from week to week. I love this. A

6. Caleb Johnson (The Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa)

~ Erika Van Pelt sang this song two years ago. Caleb did okay. But something is missing from this performance. I don't feel the magic like his performance last week. Still, he should be okay this week. B 

7. CJ Harris (Invisible by Hunter Hayes)

~ My favorite song currently and I hate to say this but CJ destroyed this song. I thought this song should be perfect for him but I was wrong. He was so flat and out of tunes. He should be in the bottom 3 this week. D

8. Jessica Meuse (Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People)

~ Jessica did a good job this week. I love her version. I'm not sure if this song is suitable (lyrics wise). I just don't like the message of this song. But still a good performance from Jess. B+

9. Majesty Rose (Wake Me Up by Avicii)

~ I love her performance this week. Million miles better after the disastrous last week. Beautiful arrangement. Perfect song for Majesty. This is the real Majesty Rose. A-

10. Sam Woolf (We Are Young by Fun)

~ Sam also improved from last week. But still, he needs to show more personality. I want more energy from him. His vocal is great as usual. B+

Overall, not as good as last week but still okay. Here is my rankings for this week. 

1. Malaya Watson: A
2. Alex Preston: A
3. Majesty Rose: A-
4. Jessica Meuse: B+
5. Sam Woolf: B+
6. Jena Irene: B+
7. Caleb Johnson: B
8. MK Nobilette: C-
9. Dexter Roberts: D+
10. CJ Harris: D


Bottom 3: Dexter Roberts, Majesty Rose & MK Nobilette

Eliminated: MK Nobilette

What!!! Majesty is in bottom 3. I don't get it at all. I think she's one of the best this week. Glad that she survived the elimination. MK. I felt bad for her. But it's her time. Honestly I rather to see her again than Dexter. 

Next week is Top 9 and the theme is (I'm With The) Band. I guess they will song together with the band. 

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