Wednesday, 5 March 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 13 Live Show


Finally, I manage to watch everything. A little bit busy. So many things to do. But I'm back. Here are my recap for the last week show. 

1. Dexter Roberts (Aw Naw by Chris Young)

~ This is a pure country song. I don't mind the song but this song isn't really suitable for a singing competition. This is probably Dexter's worst performance so far. I'm not a fan of this performance at all. C-

2. Malaya Watson (Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars)

~ When I heard that she is going to sing this song, I know it will be such a trainwreck and yeah I was right. I don't get this song choice at all. I don't see 'Malaya' here because the theme this week is 'This is Me' so I want to see who she is as an artist. D

3. Kristen O'Connor (Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson) 

~ I saw Jena Irene performed this song in her youtube so I was surprised that Kristen is going to sing this. To make things worst, she's going to do the mid tempo version which is not a great version at all compare to the piano one. It was a disaster. She has trouble with her ear monitors. It wasn't as bad as the first two performance but the fact that she's a wildcard isn't going to help at all. C

4. Ben Briley (Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash) 

~ Not really my thing. I think the tempo was too fast but slightly better than Kristen. I'm so not impressed with the song choices so far. C+

5. C.J Harris (Radio by Darius Rucker) 

~ I love C.J but this wasn't his best performance. I don't think the song fits him. I don't mind he's trying to sing up-tempo or mid-tempo but this week he supposed to show his strength which is a slow soulful country song. C

6. M.K Nobilette (Satisfaction by Allen Stone)

~ I don't have any idea who's the singer. M.K surprised me last week but this week, I wasn't impressed at all. It was sloppy and kinda messy. M.K's problem is similar to C.J, they connected more to the audience with the slow songs. C

7. Majesty Rose (Tightrope by Janelle Monae)

~ This is definitely her thing. I can see this kind of music for her records. I love Majesty but I think this performance was too simple. It's good but not really memorable. Not challenging enough for her. B+

8. Jena Irene (The Scientist by Coldplay)

~ I like this. Not so sure with the arrangements. I prefer her to sing this with piano but it's a very solid performance. Jena totally gave me Alison Iraheta's vibes from her performance. B+

9. Alex Preston (A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz)

~ Alex & Sierra!!! So glad to see them in the audience along with Alex Preston's girlfriend, Jillian. And Alex was brilliant again this week. His song choice, the way he captured every moment with his voice, just amazing. Finally a contender for Sam Woolf. A-

10. Jessica Meuse (The Crow & The Butterfly by Shinedown)

~ Jessica is getting better as well. I love the fact that picked the right song to highlight his beautiful rock voice. One of my favorites this week. A-

11. Emily Piriz (Glitter in the Air by Pink)

~ I love this so much. Emily that I loved during final Hollywood performance is back. Gorgeous vocal. She could be a surprise contender. A-

12. Sam Woolf (Unwell by Matchbox 20)

~ Solid performance from Sam. I like it but I still think he could do better. Especially with the arrangement. Overall, good performance. B+

13. Caleb Johnson (Pressure & Time by Rival Sons)

~ Caleb is a great performer but something about this performance bother me. I find it a little bit karaoke. Something that you can get from the bar or club. But it's a solid performance after all. B

Overall, not a really good week. I think many of them still don't know who they are as an artist. 

My Ranking (Top 13)

1. Alex Preston: A-
2. Emily Piriz: A-
3. Jessica Meuse: A-
4. Jena Irene: B+
5. Sam Woolf: B+
6. Majesty Rose: B+
7. Caleb Johnson: B
8. Ben Briley: C+
9. C.J Harris: C
10. Kristen O'Connor: C
11. M.K Nobilette: C
12. Dexter Roberts: C-
13. Malaya Watson: D


Bottom 3: Malaya Watson, M.K Nobilette & Kristen O'Connor

Eliminated: Kristen O'Connor

Totally see this coming. I love Kristen but the song was just wrong for her. She stated that she didn't pick the song and this song was given to her by a producer. What... The theme this week was 'This is Me' but the producer picked the song? Same with Malaya. And it was a bad song choice. She's so much better with her guitar and that was her plan actually. This is one of the reason why I don't like American Idol. Producer's manipulation. No wonder the ratings are declining. You know something is wrong when half of the contestants didn't performed well during 'This is Me' week. 

Tomorrow, the theme is 'Home'. Not sure what it means yet. I'm more excited with the fact that Kodaline will sing All I Want during result show. My favorite song right now!!!

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