Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Voice Season 6 - Top 48 & Full Team


The Voice is back. I felt like it was just yesterday Tessanne Chin was crowned as the winner, but we have another season already. But the good news is, we have Usher & Shakira again. More good news, no more Ceelo Green in the future season of The Voice. 

Here are the Top 48 for this season. 

Team Adam

Team Adam this season is not as strong as last season but there are still a couple of my favorites in his team. Here are my top 6 from Team Adam

- Christina Grimmie: She's a Youtube artist. I known her and used to watch lot of her video at Youtube. She has a very thin but strong tone. Quite unique and distinctive. 

- Sam Behymer: She's so cute. She has a very quirky tone. And lovable personality. 

- Dawn & Hawkes: Alex & Sierra 2.0 but they are still different enough. I love their audition. So much potential. 

- Josh Kaufman: The strongest male vocalist this season. I love his tone. 

- Caleb Elder: He was the last contestants on Team Adam. Great personality. I love his attitude. Very commercial. 

- Cary Laine: She's a four chair. Strong country voice. She's a mother and her son is so adorable. 

Team Blake

I was surprised with Team Blake this season. Not so many country singers. He's using a different strategy this season. Here are my favorites from Team Blake

- Audra McLaughlin: She has a beautiful pop country tone. To me she's one of the strongest country singer this season. 

- Sisaundra Lewis: She's so energetic. Lot of singing experiences. 

- Jake Worthington: The only male country singer from Team Blake but he's good. He used to audition before and I hate his audition but this season, his audition is actually one of my favorites.

- Megan Ruger: She's a pop rock singer. Love her tone so much. Reminds me of Pink. 

- Paula Deanda: She's a former recording artist. Her most popular single was 'Walk Away'. One of my favorite when I was still a teenage. Rooting for her

- Kaleigh Glanton: Country singer. Beautiful tone but her tone to me was pure country compared to Audra. Not sure if Blake wants to have two country female singers in his team. 

Team Shakira

Team Shakira this season is much better than her last team. But still, Shakira has the least number of 4-Chairs artist in her team. 

- Clarissa Serna: Her only 4-Chairs artist. And her audition is my favorite this season. She sings Zombie and it's so good. 

- Ddendyl: Unique name and her voice is quite unique too. Quirky vibes and has so much potential

- Jeremy Briggs: He gave me a classic rocker vibes from his audition. Reminds me of Bon Jovi. I'm worried though if the judges think he's a dated rocker. 

- Kristen Merlin: Country female singer but she's so unique due to her appearance. 

- Dani Moz: She's a soul pop singer. Strong voice. 

Cierra Mickens: She's so cute and adorable. So much potential. But she needs to work on her style more. 

Team Usher

I think Usher has the strongest team this season. He has so many artist with 4-Chairs & 3-Chairs this season. Here are some of my favorites

- Bria Kelly: Her high range is so great. She's the one to beat in this competition. 

- Melissa Jimenez: She used to be a recording artist but I can't remember her name. So commercial and she can sing!!! 

- Jake Barker: This is his first time performed in front of people and he did great. His tone reminds me of Justin Timberlake a little bit. 

- Stevie Jo: Another white R&B singer in Team Usher. He's a huge fan of Usher. Great R&B tone

- Madelyn Paige: She's a singer songwriter. I like her tone. Sweet and smooth. 

- Brittnee Camelle: Another commercial singer from Team Usher. She's a pop singer. She's so gorgeous. 

I think it's going to be a great season. Last season was good but I really hate the way Ceelo treat his artist especially my favorite Caroline Pennell. I'm looking forward to see more.

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