Thursday, 13 March 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 12 Live Show


Top 13 show was such a disappointment to me. I lost one of my favorites due to her song choice. Hopefully none of my favorites made a ridiculous song choice this week. 

Theme this week is Home. They need to sing a song that remind them of their home. 

1. Jena Irene (Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall)

~ Nice vocal but this song? I don't think it's a very challenging song for Jena. I'm not a fan of her song choice. I'm worried for her. B-

2. Alex Preston (I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin Degraw)

~ I think this song is perfect for Alex but I really hate the arrangement. What's wrong with the band this season. They suck. I don't like the reggae vibes in the arrangement at all. C+

3. Jessica Meuse (White Flag by Dido)

~ Love this song. I think it's a great song for her but somehow, the band ruined it for me. It's too loud. It wasn't bad but I think Jess can do better than this. B

4. Dexter Roberts (Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry)

~ Good performance from Dexter. Much better than last week. He connected to the song. I like it but it felt a little bit too safe. B+

5. Emily Piriz (Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez)

~ What? This isn't her at all. I don't get the song choice. Just because it was sang by a latin artist? Honestly I like this song but it wasn't suitable for a singing competition. And her energy wasn't just enough. C-

6. Caleb Johnson (Working Man by Rush)

~ Nice and solid performance. But I always get the same vibes from Caleb. Really want him to try something new. B+

7. MK Nobilette (Drops of Jupiter by Train)

~ It's a little bit bland and forgettable. I'm not sure about this. I think she's in danger of leaving. It wasn't that bad but it was so boring. C

8. CJ Harris (Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer)

~ CJ has so much potential. So it kills me to see he didn't delivered because he could. This is not a perfect song for him. I don't like his phrasing. Not a good performance. C

9. Sam Woolf (Just One by Blind Tide)

~ I never heard this song or know anything about Blind Tide but it's a great song for him. I want to see he connected to the song more. He's a good singer but I want to see some emotion from him. B+

10. Malaya Watson (Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann)

~ This is definitely the real Malaya. Million miles better than last week. Malaya has so much potential but I still think she's too young for this. 2 more years, then she can win this. A-

11. Ben Briley (Turning Home by David Nail)

~ Good performance from Ben. Not really my thing. But he did good. I really want to see something different from him. Right now, he's in the middle of the pack. B

12. Majesty Rose (Fix You by Coldplay)

~ The first part of this song is so freakin' beautiful. I thought she's going to have her moment but dang.. when the band entered, her momentum was just gone. Hate the arrangement. Too bad. B+

Another boring week for me. I don't like the arrangement at all. I didn't felt too invested with this season. Too bad cause the I have high hopes for this season. 

My Ranking;

1. Malaya Watson: A-
2. Dexter Roberts: B+
3. Majesty Rose: B+
4. Caleb Johnson: B+
5. Sam Woolf: B+
6. Jena Irene: B
7. Jessica Meuse: B
8. Ben Briley: B
9. Alex Preston: C+
10. MK Nobilette: C
11. CJ Harris: C
12. Emily Piriz: C-


Bottom 3: Emily Piriz, M.K Nobilette & Jena Irene

Eliminated: Emily Piriz

Emily... I love her. But why she picked that song. She's better than that. Last week, I was like she's the dark horse. Guess I was worng after all. 

Next week the theme is Cinema which is songs from the movie. I really want to hear Young & Beautiful or Let It Go. 

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