Wednesday, 22 January 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Audition Week #1 (Boston, Austin & San Francisco)


My favorite singing competition ever is back!!! I started to watch American Idol regularly since Season 3 when Fantasia was crowned as the winner. Yeah, there were a lot of singing competition nowadays but American Idol is still my number 1!!!

I'm so happy with the judges this season. I really like Harry Connick Jr. He's not afraid to say no and Keith Urban is definitely the best judge from last season so I'm really happy that he's still here. JLo is back. I like JLo but she tends to be biased especially towards female contestants. I just don't get why she has to use different scales to critique the contestants. I still remember in Season 10 for her crittique to Haley and also season 11, she was so tough towards the girls but easy-peasy towards the boys. She better change this season... 

Here are my favorites from Week #1


Sam Woolf ~ I love him. He is so going to be in the final. Heck, even win the competition. His pitch is so good and I love the way he plays his guitar. 

Jillian Jensen ~ She's from The X Factor season 2 but was eliminated during Judges Mansion. Much better than before. I love the raspyness in her voice.

Kaitlyn Jackson ~ Another country singer. She sings her own original song and it was a great song actually. I love her tone. Reminds me of Carrie a little bit. 


Malcolm Alley ~ I'm not sure if I like his personality. But his voice is great. I don't like his song choice. It's too predictable but he has potentials

Munfarid Zaidi ~ I love his jazzy voice. Great personality as well. A little bit annoyed with his dictions. Probably because of his accent. He was born in Pakistan

Jesse Roach ~ She's a rocker. Love the grit in her voice. Love her guitar. 

Spencer Lloyd ~ Girls will love him. I love his tone and he has so much potential. He's going to be a threat to the other singers. He's a worship leader so moms will definitely love him..

John Fox ~ Another worship leader. I love his tone. He picked a great song for his audition. One of the most memorable audition for me. 

San Francisco

Briana Oakley ~ She reminds me of Jordin Sparks. Powerful vocal. A little bit old fashioned so she needs to sing current songs in the future. 

Rachel Rolleri ~ She's so commercial. She's a country singer. It wasn't a perfect audition but she has lot of potentials. 

Emmanuel Zidor ~ Nice voice. Love his personality but he reminds me of Curtis Finch Jr from last season which isn't good cause I really don't like Curtis. But he's more likeable than Curtis

Overall, it's a very good week. And I really love the new concept of audition. You can barely see the joke auditions. I love that since I want to see a real singer from a singing competition. That's all from me. I can't wait to see the next auditions. See ya... 

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