Saturday, 1 February 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Audition Week #3 (Salt Lake City & Omaha)


The audition week is finally over. The last two audition cities were Salt Lake City & Omaha. Here are some of the stand-outs from those two cities. 

Salt Lake City

Austin Wolfe ~ My favorite this week. She's so commercial. And her voice is definitely one of the strongest this season. She seems very likeable. I can't wait to see her again. 

Kenzie Hall ~ Another stand-outs for me. I love the way she played her guitar and her voice is so unique. Very thin but still in control. I like her. 

CJ Harris ~ I love him. He's a country singer. Very unique. He seems like a nice guy and I can feel his emotion when he sings. Very genuine and sincere tone which is the most important thing for a country singer. 

Casey Thrasher ~ I think he's very good. He'a country singer too. I prefer CJ more though. I was surprised by the fact that he has two children already. He looks young. 

Tiquila Wilson ~ She's so energetic and fun to be around with. She sings Adele's song. It was alright. I think it's a wrong song choice for her. But I love her personality. 

Alex Preston ~ I think he's a very good guitar player. His voice is quite average for me but I think he has potential to be better. 

Dexter Roberts ~ Third country male singer. I think the other two (CJ & Casey) are better and more commercial but he's definitely have something. 


Casey McQuillen ~ My favorite from Omaha. Her voice is so angelic. And the song is just perfect for her. I love her. 

Andrina Brogden ~ She's so beautiful but she's a little bit nervous. She definitely has some talents. I like her. 

Quaid Edwards ~ Such a nice boy. His voice is okay. And he still so young. I think he needs more time to grow but he definitely has talent. Her mother used to work with Keith Urban and they look like a very nice family. 

Tessa Kate ~ She has a very thin voice but she definitely know how to control it. She needs to pick a right song for her voice. I love her personality. 

That's it for the audition. I will come up with my favorite Top 15 auditions post later. I'm so excited to see Hollywood week next week. See you guys then!!!

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