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American Idol Season 13 - Rush Week (Girls)


Like I said in my previous post, I know I'll lose some of my favorites this week. And yeah, I did. I was surprised to see Kenzie, Austin & Brandy were eliminated and they never get a chance to sing for America's votes. Other two singers were Jillian & Andrina. I kinda expected them to be eliminated so it wasn't really a surprise to me when Jillian & Andrina were cut. But the other especially Kenzie.... Here are my opinions on the top 10 performances. 

1. Majesty Rose (Happy by Pharell)

~ I think it was a good performance but I felt like it was too simple. It didn't highlight her beautiful tone. Judges love it. I think she'll be in the final 13 no matter what. Either from the America's votes or the wildcard spots. Overall, solid performance. B

2. Kristen O'Connor (Turning Table by Adele)

~ She's also one of my favorites. I love this performance. There was a timing problem but she manage to overcome it. I think her range was so big. The song didn't really help her though. I think she can be a nice surprise to us. She needs to connect more. But I really like her personality. B+

3. Briana Oakley (Warrior by Demi Lovato)

~ I was wondering if any people are going to sing this in the singing competition. I like this song but the fact that it wasn't a single made me questioned whether anyone will sing it. But Briana picked the song. I was so happy considering how good she was in the Hollywood rounds. But this performance didn't wow me like what she did before with Mama Do, Royals & My Kinda of Love. I think the cut in the song made it hard for me to connect to this performance. Her vocal was very solid though. B

4. Jena Asciutto (Paint It Blakc by Rolling Stone)

~ This song brought me a memory of Siobhan Magnus from Season 6. I think she nailed it so I'm not sure how Jena (pronounced as Gina) are going to top that performance. And I was right. It was a good performance but still she can do much better than this. Some parts were too shouty to me. But I really love the beginning of this performance. I still think she's memorable enough to make it through. B

5. Bria Anai Johnson (Wrong Side of a Love Song by Melanie Fiona)

~ This is bad. I think she shouted all the way til the end of her performance. She's too young for this competition. I don't think she's ready yet. It was a tough song to sing as well. Not good at all. I think JLo kinda loved this performance. C-

6. Marrialle Sellars (Roar by Katy Perry)

~ Okay.. I love Marrialle but her performance was so bad. I thought Bria Anai will be the worst singer tonight but Marrialle was even worst. I felt like she was talking and not singing. Bad song choice. I hope the judges will not choose her for a wildcard spot cause they'll just waste another spot again. D

7. Jessica Meuse (Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan)

~ Smart song choice from Jessica. I think she did well this week. Not amazing but she did enough for her to get a spot in the final 13. I never expected that her voice would suit a country song before. But it did. B+

8. Emily Piriz (Paris Ooh La La by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals)

~ I love Emily's vocal but the song didn't help her at all. She knew Harry hate this song and she still sing it. And she already sang Grace Potter's song last round (Stars). I don't know what she's trying to prove. Too bad cause she's great. B-

9. M.K Nobilette (All of Me by John Legend)

~ I saw John Legend sang this song before at Grammy and I fell in love with the song. But M.K takes my love to another level with her rendition of this song. It was so genuine and pure and her vocal... Yeah, it wasn't perfect but it was still flawless to me. She wasn't one of my favorite before but she's definitely my favorite now after this song. A-

10. Malaya Watson (Hard Time by Ray Charles)

~ I think it was too old fashioned. Her vocal runs weren't smooth but she nailed it on some parts. So it's hard for me to decide whether I love or hate her performance. She could sneak in the Top 5 because of the pimp spot although I saw it as the last girl picked to sing her song. B-

Overall, it's going to be hard for me to pick only 5. But I'm pretty sure M.K & Jessica will make it to the Final 13. I think Majesty should be fine as well. Last two spots are between Kristen, Jena & Malaya. There's a slightly chance for Briana & Emily to make it to the final. I think Briana will likely get a wildcard spot. Finally there's no way Bria Anai & Marrialle will make it to the top 13. I hope not. 

My Ranking

1. M.K Nobilette: A-
2. Kristen O'Connor: B+
3. Jessica Meuse: B+
4. Majesty Rose: B
5. Jena Asciutto: B
6. Briana Oakley: B
7. Emily Piriz: B-
8. Malaya Watson: B-
9. Bria Anai Johnson: C-
10. Marrialle Sellars: D

You may check the performances at this link

Tomorrow, the guys will take the stage. See you guys later

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