Thursday, 20 February 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Rush Week (Guys)


Last episode, 5 girls were eliminated and it's time for the guys now. The singers who didn't get a chance to perform were Casey, Ethan, Briston, Jordan & Maurice. I was quite surprised to see Casey and Maurice didn't get a chance to perform considering the amount of times we saw them before. Here are my reviews for the guys' performance.

1. Caleb Johnson (Stay With Me by Faces)

~ I remember Skylar used to sing this song. I think he did great. I love his energy on the stage. He's so confident with his voice. Good performance. B+

2. CJ Harris (Shelter by Ray LaMontagne)

~ I love this. Great vocal and definitely the perfect song for him. I love his presentation. I can feel his emotion. He's definitely should be in the final 13. A-

3. Emmanuel Zidor (Best of my Love by The Emotions)

~ I don't get this song choice. This song didn't highlight his gospel voice at all. He over-sang the song as well. Not a good performance from Emmanuel. C

4. Sam Woolf (Babylon by David Gray)

~ Sam is definitely the frontrunner in this season. He's the one to beat. It's going to be tough to do that. I love this. Very simple and he made it so effortless. A-

5. George Lovett (Grenade by Bruno Mars)

~ George is a good singer. But this is a wrong song choice for him. Timing was wrong. And his voice cracked several times. Too bad cause I really like him. C+

6. Dexter Roberts (This Ole Boy by Craig Morgan)

~ This song is like pure country song. I like his voice but this performance was too simple to me. I want to see more risk from him. B

7. Alex Preston (Volcano by Damien Rice)

~ Phillip Phillips did this song before and it was great. I love Alex's version as well. Alex is such a creative singer. I love him. I can't wait to hear more from him. He should be fine this round. A-

8. Malcolm Allen (Coming From Where I'm From by Anthony Hamilton)

~ This is so predictable and safe. I feel nothing from his performance. His voice is great but there's nothing special about it. B-

9. Ben Briley (Soulshine by The Allman Brothers Band)

~ Ben won the last spot in the top 15 so I'm glad he got a shot to perform. It was a good vocal performance. Not really my thing but he did great. B+
10. Spencer Lloyd (Love Don't Die by The Fray)

~ I have high hopes for Spencer but this song... I don't think it will help him much. He's better than this. Not feeling this performance at all. B-

Overall, I think it's much easier to pick 5 guys over 5 girls. I'm pretty sure Sam, CJ, Caleb & Alex will be voted to the final. Last spot it's between Dexter, Ben & Spencer. 

My Ranking

1. Alex Preston: A-
2. Sam Woolf: A-
3. CJ Harris: A-
4. Caleb Johnson: B+
5. Ben Briley: B+
6. Dexter Roberts: B
7. Spencer Lloyd: B-
8. Malcolm Allen: B-
9. George Lovett: C+
10. Emmanuel Zidor: C-

You may check the performances at this link

Tomorrow, is the results. We will find out who'll make it to Top 13. 

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