Sunday, 16 February 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Hollywood Week Part 2


This week, we meet our Top 30 or maybe 31 since the judges can't make the decision between two guys. And also, there's a cruel twist ahead which is 5 male & 5 female contestants will be eliminated before the live show. So what's the point of having Top 30 when 10 of them will not even get a chance to sing for the votes. 

So here are some of my favorites so far and I hope none of them will be eliminated before they even get a chance to sing. 


Sam Woolf

~ Yeah, he's going to win but actually I kinda don't mind it at all cause he's great. I love his voice and he plays guitar so well. 

Alex Preston

~ I don't like him at first cause his expression during his performance was quite annoying. But he grown on me. His original song is great. Love him now. 

Ethan Harris

~ He's so sweet and gentle and likable as well. He makes me want to root for him. I think he should stay away from country songs and focus more on pop alternative stuff cause it suits his gentle voice more. 

CJ Harris

~ He's the reason why Ethan should stay away from country songs cause CJ will blow him away. He brings soul with him. I think people will love him. Very humble and down to earth. 

Spencer Lloyd

~ I love his version of Say Something but I'm not really a fan of his final solo performance. I'm really torn with him. I think he should stick with piano or keyboard than a guitar cause we have lot of guitar player this season and some of them were better than him. I still think he has lot of potential. 


Majesty Rose

~ Yeah, she butchered her final performance but she still has massive potential. She's different. We never see someone like her before on American Idol. With the right song, she could be a star. 

Kristen O'Connor

~ She's so beautiful. She's the eldest one in the female category. I hope it's not going to be an issue cause she has a powerful voice. The way she open her mouth kinda distracts me a little bit but I still love her. 

Jena Asciutto

~ Great tone and I think she was underrated on the show cause she's so amazing. I got Alison Iraheta's vibes from her. She used to be a lead singer of a band before. I love her. 

Austin Wolfe

~ Strong vocal and she's very commercial. I love her voice and she's very dynamic with it. I hope we get to see her more cause she's an amazing singer. 

Kenzie Hall

~ I love her rendition of Macklemore's song. She's very quirky. So she needs to pick the right song for her voice. I think she's very commercial as well. I want to see her perform again. 

Briana Oakley

~ Her voice was just so amazing. Especially her cover for Royals and I love her even more when she sings my current favorite song from Emeli Sande which is My Kind Of Love for her final solo performance. Going to root for her as well. 

Brandy Neelly

~ She's the only country female singer this season. I love her last cycle and I was so sad when she was eliminated but it was actually good for her cause last season Kree & Janelle were kinda dominated the country votes. I'm glad for her. 

Emily Piriz

~ She was definitely gave the best performance in the final solo performance. She was the only one who get full performance aired in the show beside Kristen. She came out of nowhere and she's great. I hope the lack of airtime before will not hurt her chance to be in the final 13. 

Marrialle Sellars

~ She used to be my number one favorite but she kinda faded away in Hollywood. Even her solo performance failed to leave an impact for me. She's so cute but I want more from her. I hope she can do great this week cause she has so much potential. 

Jessica Meuse

~ I love her voice but I'm not sure the public will vote for her because of the drama during Hollywood week. Even though it wasn't her fault, I don't think she handle the drama well. Too bad cause her voice is great. 

Jillian Jensen

~ I love her but I don't think she stood out in Hollywood. Her final solo performance was good but failed to leave an impact to me. I'm not sure if she will get to perform this week. 

That's all from me. I can't wait to see the outcome of this week. No matter what, I think I will lose some of my favorites. Arghh.

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