Saturday, 8 February 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Hollywood Week Part 1


Finally catch up with the latest episode from American Idol. It's time for the Hollywood round. I love Hollywood round because it was so intense and nerve wrecking. This year, the Hollywood round was a little bit different. A new round was introduced which is Hollywood or Home. 

Round 1: Hollywood or Home

Just when they arrived in Hollywood, the contestants were brought to a place that looked like a massive hangar and some of them have to sing again. Most of the contestants who were called by the judges received 2 Yes only. I can't remember most of them except for Nikki's son, Tristan. So I really didn't care about this round at all. Only 52 contestants were forced to sing again and they were divided into two buses. One of the buses will bring them to the airport and another one will go straight to the hotel. It was quite intense. 

Round 2: Solo 

Finally, I get to see some of my favorites perform again. Among the standouts from this round are;

Majesty Rose ~ 1234 (Feist)

~ I'm not really a fan of this song but she sings it beautifully. Top 13 without Majesty would be so wrong. She's currently my number 1 favorite right now.

Kristen O'Connor ~ Nobody's Perfect (Jessie J)

~ We didn't really get a chance to know her during audition but she was so great. I love her interpretation of the song. Such a great voice. I love her. 

Spencer Lloyd ~ Say Something (A Great Big World)

~ Wow!!! Girls will definitely love him. Beautiful rendition of the song. Great song choice for his vocal range. 

Sam Woolf ~ Waiting On The World (John Mayer)

~ Still a frontrunner in this season. Great song choice. He's definitely going to be in the final. Great pitch. 

Austin Wolfe  ~ Take It All (Adele)

~ Love her personality. Such a big range. I think America will love her. Great technique as well. 

Kenzie Hall ~ Can't Hold Us (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

~ Wow. Truly amazing. I love her creativity and she's so bubbly and fresh. One of the best female this season.

Briston Maroney ~ Royals (Lorde)

~ There's something unique with his tone. It's weird but in a good ways. Very interesting. 

Rachel Rolleri ~ Angel from Montgomery

~ Strong vocal from Rachel. Too bad, I can't find the video of her singing. Huge potential. 

Jena Asciutto ~ Video Games (Lana Del Rey)

~ So many strong girls this cycle. Jena is one of them. Her rendition of Lana's song was so good. 

Briana Oakley ~ Mama Do

~ Love this. She reminds me of Jordin Sparks. Big voice and huge range. 

Brandy Neely ~ Stars (Grace Potter)

~ I can't find the video of her but I kinda love the country version of this song. She's so cute. 

Round 3: Group

Group round. Definitely the most dramatic and intense round in American Idol. Too many drama. I'm not going to touch on that cause I'm here to watch a performance. So tired of the drama. We didn't see lot of performance but here's a few standouts from the group round

Briana Oakley & MK Nobilette ~ Royals (Lorde)

~ Both did great but Briana. She was outstanding. Really good. Love her dynamic. My favorite moment from Hollywood week so far. 

Backstreet Cowboys (Ben, Casey & Dexter) ~ I Want It That Way

~ This is so entertaining. I love the fact that they have so much fun. My favorite here was Dexter. Such a deep and beautiful tone. 

Spencer Lloyd ~ Best I Ever Had (Gavin DeGraw)

~ Yeah, his group was such a mess but he stood out for me. Great song for him but not to the other two girls. 

That's all from me this week. I can't wait to see next week. The final Hollywood round and we will meet our Top 30 next week. See you later!!!

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