Monday, 5 May 2014

Americal Idol Season 13 - Top 5 Live Show


The theme this week is 'America's Choice'. America will pick two songs for the contestants this week. Here are my recap for this week show. 

1. Alex Preston (Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood & Say Something by A Great Big World Ft Christina Aguilera)

~ His first performance was so average. His vocal was good but there was nothing special with it. But Alex redeemed himself with his second performance. Say Something was perfect for him. I love the way he connected to the song. It was so tender and sweet. B & A

2. Caleb Johnson (I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith & Still Of The Night by Whitesnake)

~ Really.. That Aerosmith's song.. I'm really tired with that song in the singing competition and even Caleb looked like he didn't like that song choice for him. This performance was definitely his worst performance in this competition. Still Of The Night was much better but it felt so repetitive. It felt like you watched a generic Caleb's performance. C & B+

3. Jessica Meuse (Human by Christina Perri & Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey)

~ Jessica wasn't in my Top 2 but she killed it this week. The judges still gave her a lukewarm reaction. I didn't get it at all. That's why Idol kept losing the audience because you can see the bias towards certain contestants. They were like grooved and bobbled their head at other contestants' performance while Jessica, they didn't show any excitement at all. I think Jessica slayed this week. Human was beautiful but she was a little bit sharp at certain notes. Summertime Sadness was perfect. I love everything about that performance. A- & A+

4. Sam Woolf (Sing by Ed Sheeran & How To Save A Life by The Fray)

~ I think Sing was just okay for me. It was good but it wasn't a right choice for him. I like his second performance more. I love the angst that Sam brought into the song. His tone was beautiful but I want him to 'attack' more because it's Top 5 right now. B & B+

5. Jena Irene (My Body by Young The Giant & Valerie by Amy Winehouse)

~ My Body was good. I think Jena has the best stage present this week. I love the way she walked on the stage and connected to the audience. Her vocal wasn't at her best. But for Valerie, I love how she changed the arrangement. It fitted her voice and personality. I love it. B & A

Again, another decent week. Here is my final ranking;

1. Jessica Meuse - Summertime Sadness: A+
2. Alex Preston - Say Something: A
3. Jena Irene - Valerie: A
4. Jessica Meuse - Human: A-
5. Sam Woolf - How To Save A Life: B+
6. Caleb Johnson - Still Of The Night: B+
7. Jena Irene - My Body: B
8. Alex Preston - Sweater Weather: B
9. Sam Woolf - Sing: B
10. Caleb Johnson - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing: C


Eliminated: Sam Woolf

But there was a twist. Contestants get to choose whether to have an elimination or not this week. But next week, two contestants will be eliminated. I didn't like it at all. And I'm glad two contestants voted 'No' so Sam Woolf was eliminated. He was saved once. It's unfair to save him again. Next week the theme are Break-Ups & Make-Ups. Very interesting themes. See ya, next week. 

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