Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Voice Season 6 - Top 5 Live Show


2 weeks more and then we will find out who's the winner of The Voice Season 6. But first, here are my review of this week performance. Contestants will sing 2 songs; Contestant's Choice & Coach's Choice. 

1. Kristen Merlin (Gunpowder & Lead by Miranda Lambert & Foolish Games by Jewel)

~ Her first performance was so solid. I love her energy but it was a little bit safe for me. But her second performance was brilliant. I love her emotion. She connected to the song really well. Such a perfect song for her. I really want her to be in the final. B & A

2. Josh Kaufman (All Of Me by John Legend & Love Runs Out by OneRepublic)

~ Josh had two good performances this week. I loved All Of Me more than Love Runs Out but he definitely should be in the final. All Of Me was one of the song that I wanted him to sing. Another one is Mirror. I hope he'll get a chance to sing that song next week. A & B+

3. Kat Perkins (Let It Go by Idina Menzel & Chandelier by Sia)

~ Majesty Rose from American Idol performed Let It Go before but it was such a mess. I think Kat did better than Majesty but still, I don't think this is a perfect song for her. I love Chandelier. It's a tough song to sing but I think Kat did a good job with it. B- & A-

4. Christina Grimmie (Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap & Some Nights by Fun)

~ I think vocally, Christina sounded great. I like what she did with Hide & Seek and Some Nights also had some good moment in it but I still think she underperformed. I expected better from her cause she was always great with her song choice. I'm not sure if her fans want to buy these two songs because the original songs were already perfect. A- & B

5. Jake Worthington (Good Ol' Boys by Waylon Jennings & Heaven by Bryan Adams)

~ I was ready to count Jake out after his first performance. There was nothing special with that performance. But then he came up with Heaven and reminded me how I fell in love with his voice. Song choices are crucial for him. With the perfect song, I think he could win this competition. B- & A

Here are my rankings for this week;

1. Jake Worthington - Heaven: A
2. Kristen Merlin - Foolish Games: A
3. Josh Kaufman - All of Me: A
4. Christina Grimmie - Hide & Seek: A-
5. Kat Perkins - Chandelier: A-
6. Josh Kaufman - Love Runs Out: B+
7. Kristen Merlin - Gunpowder & Lead: B+
8. Christina Grimmie - Some Nights: B
9. Kat Perkins - Let It Go: B-
10. Jake Worthington - Good Ol' Boys: B-


Bottom 3: Christina Grimmie, Kat Perkins & Kristen Merlin

Instant Save: Christina Grimmie

Eliminated: Kristen Merlin & Kat Perkins

~ I'm really sad to see both Kristen & Kat went home but I totally expected that was going to happen. Kristen had so many moments in this season. She's a truly underdog. Same as Kat. I never thought that I'm going to root for her. 

Final 3 is going to be so tough and close. Jake, with the perfect song can win this. Josh is so consistent and he made it to the Top 10 on Itunes Chart more than Christina & Jake (3 times). And Christina will definitely make a comeback after a lackluster week. 

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