Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Voice Season 6 - Top 10 Live Show


Last week, Tess was saved from the elimination. Will she become the first singer to avoid the elimination after being saved in the previous week? I'm really nervous for her cause she's my favorite. Here are my recap for this week performance.

1. Kat Perkins (Landslide by Fleetwood Mac)

~ I think it's a very solid performance. I love when Kat controlled her voice because she has such a beautiful tone. However, I'm not sure if this performance able to save her from the bottom 3. But I still like it. B+

2. Tess Boyer (Ain't It Fun by Paramore)

~ Unlike last week, the song this week was current. Currently Top 15 in Itunes Chart. But I don't think this song is suitable for singing competition. Tess did a good job with it. However I still think she's going to end up in the bottom 3 again this week. B+

3. Audra McLaughlin (You Lie by The Band Perry)

~ Audra continued to surprise me. Such a beautiful performance from her. Her high notes was perfect. I love the way she connected to the song. She looked so beautiful. A

4. Josh Kaufman (This Is It by Kenny Loggins)

~ I'm not sure if this is the right song for him. He sounded so dated. Last week he was brilliant but this week it was just an okay performance for me. I still love his voice. B

5. Christina Grimmie (Hold On, We're Going Home by Drake)

~ Christina nailed it again this week. This is definitely my favorite performance from her so far. I love the build up in this performance. Her high notes are amazing. Christina is definitely the one to beat right now and it's going to be tough for other people to beat her. A+

6. Jake Worthington (Run by George Straits)

~ Jake struggled at the beginning. I can't hear what he was singing. But he managed to catch up. His tone is beautiful but for the second week in a row, Jake didn't live up to his potential and I'm really upset with him. B-

7. Bria Kelly (I'm With You by Avril Lavigne)

~ I think this is a perfect song for Bria. She started beautifully but it's all ended when she started to scream. I'm not sure how she's going to survive with this performance. C

8. Delvin Choice (Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr.)

~ I was ready to give this performance a C but the ending might just save him from the elimination. I still don't like his song choice but he killed it on the last note. B+

9. Kristen Merlin (Let Her Go by The Passenger)

~ For the second week in a row, Kristen stunned me with her vocal performance. She has such a very soothing tone and it is perfect for this song. Her emotion was there and just like that, she became a real threat in this competition. A

10. Sisaundra Lewis (Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry)

~ Unlike Delvin, Sisaundra picked a very interesting song for her and it worked. She rocked the stage and I think rock songs were perfect for her vocal. I'm glad she chose to steer away from R&B/Soul this week. A

Overall, a great week. Lot of great performances. Here is my ranking;

1. Christina Grimmie - Hold On, We're Going Home: A+
2. Kristen Merlin - Let Her Go: A
3. Audra McLaughlin - You Lie: A
4. Sisaundra Lewis - Oh Sherrie: A
5. Tess Boyer - It Ain't Fun: B+
6. Kat Perkins - Landslide: B+
7. Delvin Choice - Bright Lights: B+
8. Josh Kaufman - This Is It: B
9. Jake Worthington - Run: B-
10. Bria Kelly - I'm With You: C


Bottom 3: Bria Kelly, Tess Boyer & Kat Perkins

Instant Save: Kat Perkins

Eliminated: Tess Boyer & Bria Kelly

Tess... I'm so sad to see her go considering her potential. But I agree with the Instant Save because Kat killed it. Next week is going to be brutal. Triple Elimination!!! 

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