Sunday, 11 May 2014

April 2014 Favorites


Walaupun April dah lama berlalu, aku still nak share perkara-perkara yang menjadi kegemaran aku pada bulan lepas. 

Skin Care

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

Aku memang jenis payah nak tukar brand product. Macam pencuci muka, aku akan stick dengan satu produk untuk jangka masa waktu yang sangat lama. Contohnya, my face cleanser sebelum ini telah aku gunakan untuk tempoh 2 tahun lebih. Tetapi pada bulan lepas, aku telah menukar kepada pencuci muka yang baru. Selepas mencuba cream dari Himalaya, aku decide nak tukar juga cleanser kepada brand Himalaya. Puriying Neem Face Wash memang sesuai dengan kulit muka aku. So I'm going to stick with this cleanser for a very long time. 


Rio 2

Rio 2 is definitely my favorite movie last month. Totally enjoy this movie. Yeah, I love the first one more, ut still this movie made me laugh a lot. 


Head or Heart by Christina Perri

I played this album a lot last month. I love lot of songs from this album. My personal favorite are Human, Burning Gold and also Be My Forever. Such a great pop album. 


Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Honestly, I just want to put all first three singles from Sam Smith's debut album but I don't know why 'Stay With Me' stood out the most for me. I love the lyrics. Sangat simple but so meaningful. 


Super Playboy by Playboy

Gotta admit, I never bought any perfume from Playboy either for her or for him. I think the perfumes from Playboy were just so basic and generic. But I accidentally touch the tester and the smell stuck on my hand and I love it. Something in this perfume.. I don't know. I checked the notes, I guess I'm a sucker for the combination of Orange & Freesia. Love this. It's super cheap... I think so.. 


The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

For the second time, I'm reading this book again. The movie is about to come out this June. Unfortunately, it will be released at Malaysia on September. Boo... I guess while waiting for that gap, I can read this book all over again. 

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