Saturday, 24 May 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 3 Live Show


Here are my review of Top 3 performance. 

1. Caleb Johnson (Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, Demons by Imagine Dragons & Dazed & Confused by Led Zeppelin)

~ Caleb was sick. He lost his voice. Arghhh.. I really hate when they milked the sympathy for him. I can't stand all of his performances, especially the last one. Ewwww. And the judges gave him standing ovation. Why? Because he destroyed the mic stand? I hope he's going home. C, C & C-

2. Alex Preston (Pompeii by Bastille, Stay by Rihanna & Story of my Life by One Direction)

~ Alex has a very solid week. Stay was beautiful. One of his best performances. Pompeii was good too. He did something different this week. And Story of my Life was good but I think he should reprised Fairytales over this one. B+, A+ & A-

3. Jena Irene (Titanium by David Guetta Ft Sia, Heart Attack by Demi Lovato & Creep by Radiohead)

~ Titanium & Heart Attack were good. But her reprise of Creep was the best performance from her. Last time, she performed this song, she did really well but this time it was even better. Love her.. B+, B+ & A+

It's very obvious that Jena and Alex should move forward to the Finale. But I doubt it will happen because of the sympathy votes for Caleb. Eww. Here are my ranking for this week performance.

1. Jena Irene - Creep: A+
2. Alex Preston - Stay: A+
3. Alex Preston - Story Of My Life: A-
4. Alex Preston - Pompeii: B+
5. Jena Irene - Titanium: B+
6. Jena Irene - Heart Attack: B+
7. Caleb Johnson - Demons: C
8. Caleb Johnson - Never Tear Us Apart: C
9. Caleb Johnson - Dazed & Confused: C-


Eliminated: Alex Preston

I knew it... Arghhh... Alex ended his journey in American Idol with Fairytales. Great performance from him.. He's definitely the best WGWG ever. Hmmm maybe second behind, Kris Allen. 

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