Saturday, 26 April 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 6 Live Show


This week the contestants will sing 2 songs and the theme are Rock N Roll & Country. Here are my recap for this week live show. 

1. Jena Irene (Barracuda by Heart & So Small by Carrie Underwood)

~ I like Barracuda but there's nothing really special about it. I love her energy on stage but we all knew that. Meanwhile, So Small really blew me away. I totally love the arrangement. It suited her vocal. B+ & A.

2. Sam Woolf (It's Time by Imagine Dragons & You're Still The One by Shania Twain)

~ I think Sam has a good week. I like his version for It's Time. It's very refreshing. But You're Still The One is one of my favorite performances this week. It's very tender and I love to see this side of him. B+ & A.

3. C.J. Harris (American Woman by The Guess Who & Whatever It Is by Zac Brown Band)

~ I'm not sure which performance I dislike more. I think there's no way he's going to survive the elimination this week. C & C.

4. Alex Preston (Animal by Kings of Leon & Always On My Mind by Gwen McCrae)

~ His first performance was one of his worst in this competition. I love the beginning but when the band came in, Alex was lost. But Alex redeemed himself with his second performance. Always On My Mind was so beautiful. B- & A. 

5. Caleb Johnson (Sting Me by The Black Crowes & Undo It by Carrie Underwood)

~ Not really a fan of Sting Me. It's typical Caleb's performance. I love Undo It more. He rocked the stage. It's totally different from Carrie's version. B & A-.

6. Jessica Meuse (Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane & Jolene by Dolly Parton)

~ I think Jess has a very solid voice. But I need her to pick unexpected songs for her next time and sing in her own way. I think that's a better strategy for her. B+ & A-.

Here is my ranking for this week

1. Alex Preston - Always On My Mind: A
2. Sam Woolf - You're Still The One: A
3. Jena Irene - So Small: A
4. Jessica Meuse - Jolene: A-
5. Caleb Johnson - Undo It: A-
6. Jena Irene - Barracuda: B+
7. Jessica Meuse - Somebody To Love: B+
8. Sam Woolf - It's Time: B
9. Caleb Johnson - Sting Me: B
10. Alex Preston - Animal: B-
11. CJ Harris - American Woman: C
12. CJ Harris - Whatever It Is: C


Bottom 2: CJ Harris & Jessica Meuse

Eliminated: CJ Harris

Totally expected this. Next week is going to be tough. I love the remaining five. The theme next week is going to be America's Choice for both songs. 

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