Saturday, 19 April 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 7 Live Show


This week the theme is Competitor's pick. Every contestants will receive 6 songs from the other 6 competitors and he/she needs to pick one song from that 6 songs. Here are my recap. 

1. Caleb Johnson (Family Tree by Kings of Leon)

~ It's a very solid performance. But after last week, this performance is a little bit too safe for me. But still, he should be okay this round. B+

2. Jessica Meuse (Gunpowder & Lead by Miranda Lambert)

~ Why she always performed at the first half of the show? This performance was actually good but the fact that the judges were trying too much to critique her performance made me felt so bad at her. It wasn't a great performance but it wasn't that bad either. B+

3. C.J Harris (Gravity by John Mayer)

~ This performance was on the same level with Jessica for me but the judges love this and hate Jessica. I don't get that. It felt like they judged Jessica on different level. But this is definitely one of CJ's better performance. B+

4. Dexter Roberts (Muckalee Creek Water by Luke Bryan)

~ What a weird song title. And again, Dexter was such a karaoke/bar singer. I don't know what to say if he survive again this week. C

5. Alex Preston (The A Team by Ed Sheeran)

~ Great performance. Alex is ready to be an artist for me. I love the tenderness in his voice. I love Ed Sheeran but I love Alex's version more. Great performance. A

6. Sam Woolf (Sail Away by David Gray)

~ I saw improvements from Sam. I can feel it. Sam is still young. I think he needs a little bit time to connect to the song. This is one of my favorite performance this week. A-

7. Jene Irene (Creep by Radiohead)

~ Jena nailed it this week. She's on different level this round. I love the fact that she stays with the piano this week. Gorgeous vocal. Definitely the performance of the season so far. A+

Much better from the disaster last week. Here is my ranking for this week;

1. Jena Irene: A+
2. Alex Preston: A
3. Sam Woolf: A-
4. Jessica Meuse: B+
5. CJ Harris: B+
6. Caleb Johnson: B+
7. Dexter Roberts: C

Bottom 2: Jessica Meuse & Dexter Roberts

Eliminated: Dexter Roberts

Thank you. Finally he's gone. I'm glad Jessica was saved. So undeservedly in the bottom 2. Next week the theme is Country and Rock n Roll. Two songs. 

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