Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Voice Season 6 - Top 12 Live Show


Overall, I think The Voice has better finalists than American Idol this season. I love the diversity in the Top 12. Here is my recap on what happened this week. 

1. Bria Kelly (Rolling in the Deep by Adele)

~ I'm not really a fan of the arrangement. It's too loud. I love that she didn't sing it like Adele but the arrangement didn't suit the song at all. And Bria needs to tone down the scream. More singing and less screaming. B

2. Delvin Choice (Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers)

~ I can't believe someone still picked this song. It's so boring and even Delvin tried to make the song more current with his runs, it just didn't work out well. C

3. Dani Moz (Just Give Me A Reason by Pink)

~ Another Pink's song from her. I don't like this route for her. I think she's much better with singer/songwriter route than this pop/rock thing. She did a good job but a little bit messy at the end. I'm not sure if this performance able to save her this week. B

4. Audra McLaughlin (Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton)

~ Audra picked a good song for her. Beautiful vocal performance from her. I really like this. A-

5. T.J. Wilkins (Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer)

~ At least T.J. picked a current song for him this week. But this is so unforgettable. I'm not sure if it's enough to get him through to next week. B-

6. Christina Grimmie (Dark Horse by Katy Perry)

~ Christina nailed it again this week. I love her version. She has a very thin voice but her technical skill and the way she controlled it make her tone sounds so pleasant. She's definitely the one to beat. A

7. Sisaundra Lewis (Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John)

~ I need Sisaundra to pick the better song for her next week cause this one just average for me. Good vocal but that's it. She's so much better than this. B

8. Kristen Merlin (Stay by Sugarland)

~ I'm not going to touch on the technical problem. I think she nailed it. She manage to leave impact with her performance and she needs that impact this week. Beautiful vocal. I love this. A

9. Kat Perkins (Magic Man by Heart)

~ I love Kat but this performance was so average for me. I didn't like the song choice. But I do love her energy and the way she communicate with the audience. B

10. Jake Barker (Anymore by Travis Tritt)

~ I'm not so sure with the song choice. A little bit too generic this week. He needs a better song next week. This performance was just okay for me. I think he can do better. B

11. Tess Boyer (I'll Be There For You by Bon Jovi)

~ Tess is a great singer and I think her performance is quite strong but this song? I didn't like it. I don't think people want to download this song on Itunes. B+

12. Josh Kaufman (Stay With Me by Sam Smith)

~ Currently, this is one of my songs and Josh did so well. Perfect song choice for him. I think he can win this competition. He just proved that Adam made a stupid mistake to choose Delvin over him. A

Here is my ranking for this week.

1. Christina Grimmie: A
2. Josh Kaufman: A
3. Kristen Merlin: A
4. Audra McLaughlin: A-
5. Tess Boyer: B-
6. Sisaundra Lewis: B
7. Jake Worthington: B
8. Dani Moz: B
9. Bria Kelly: B
10. Kat Perkins: B
11. T.J Wilkins: B-
12. Delvin Choice: C


Bottom 3: Dani Moz, T.J Wilkins & Tess Boyer

Instant Save: Tess Boyer

Eliminated: T.J. Wilkins & Dani Moz

I expected to see Tess in the bottom 3 but I'm still surprised with the result. She needs a better song choice next week. 

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