Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Voice Season 6 - Battle Rounds Part 2 (Top 20)


Another Battle Round? When I heard about another battle round, I was like no!!! Because I really want to see them sing solo. I like the Knockout Round format more than Battle Round Part 2. Here are the current team members from every team. 

Team Adam


~ Adam picked Christina, Delvin, Jake & Kat as the winners from the battle and stole Morgan from Team Usher. It's a very solid team. The battles were evenly matched. I was surprised with Kat. I personally love Dawn & Hawkes but I've to agree with Adam's decision because Kat did better than D&H. I also surprised that Adam chose to let go Josh over Delvin but I get it that he want diversity in his team. I was so happy when he stole Morgan cause I really like the raspy-ness in his voice. As for my Top 3 picks from Team Adam, I'm going with Christina Grimmie, Jake Barker & Morgan Wallen with Kat Perkins as fourth choice. 

Team Blake


~ Blake picked Audra, Jake W, Ryan & Sisaundra as the winners from the battles and stole Madilyn from Team Usher. I really like Jake W. I think he's better than the other country singers in the reality tv right now (Dexter, CJ & Ben from American Idol). I also love Madilyn's tone so much. Audra is a very traditional country singer. Reminds me of Miranda Lambert and also Carrie Underwood's style. Sisaundra.. I like her but I'm not sure how she's going to fit the current music industry. Ryan has great voice but he's not really memorable. For my Top 3, I pick Jake Worthington, Madilyn Paige & Sisaundra Lewis with Audra as my fourth choice. 

Team Shakira

~ Shakira picked Dani, Deja, Kristen & Patrick as the winners from the battles and stole Tess from Team Blake. Firstly, no Clarissa.. Wow. I totally get that Dani performed better than Clarissa but at the same time I think Clarissa is Shakira's best shot to win The Voice. Deja was good but too young. Kristen & Patrick were not really memorable during their battles. Fortunately for Shakira, she stole a very strong female singer, Tess Boyer. This girl is so good. I think she has better shot to make it to the final 3 with Team Shakira over the other teams. So I'm glad that she picked Shakira as her new mentor. My Top 3 picks are Tess, Dani & Deja with Kristen as my fourth choice. 

Team Usher

~ Usher picked Bria, Melissa, Stevie Jo & T.J. as the winners from the battles and stole Josh from Team Adam. Usher still has some of the best singer in his team. I don't really get T.J.'s style but the other 4 are really strong singers for me. Bria really needs a better song for her vocal because for the second time in a row she was overshadowed by her opponents (Tess in Battle 1 & Madilyn in Battle 2). Usher still has some faith on her. Melissa is very dynamic. I love her. Stevie Jo & Josh are kinda similar to me. I mean their style. Both of them have a very good contemporary R&B choice. T.J is a R&B singer too but he is more traditional and old-fashioned to me. My Top 3 are Bria, Melissa & Stevie Jo with Josh as my fourth choice. 

Here are some of the artist that we lost from Battle Round Part 2 who I think should go through to the Playoff Round

~ I think these 5 deserved another chance. Since Chris Martin was such a great mentor why don't he picks these 5 to be on his team. Lol.. Just my wishful thinking. I'll see you after the Playoffs!!!

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