Wednesday, 2 April 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 9 Live Show


The theme this week is 'I'm With The Band'. Basically, the contestants will sing a song with the band this time. So I expected to hear lot of up-tempo songs since it works better with the band. Here are my recap of this week performance. 

1. Alex Preston (Don't Speak by No Doubt)

~ Wait. I don't get why the judges didn't like it because this is so creative. I love what he did with the song especially start the song with acapella. I love everything about this performance. A

2. Majesty Rose (Shake It Out by Florence & The Machine)

~ I love this song. I'm not sure if this song is perfect for Majesty but I like her performance. The beginning was so beautiful but when the tempo getting fast and faster, it affected her performance. Majesty need to know the limitation of her vocal. She tried to do some runs and it didn't end well for her. B 

3. Dexter Roberts (Boondocks by Little Big Time)

~ It was so boring and safe... His song choice is getting worst from week to week. I don't know what else to say except the fact that he should go home. C

4. Malaya Watson (The Long & Winding Road by The Beatles)

~ Malaya continue her streak of great performances. This is so beautiful. Her vocal alone is getting better and better. She knew how to pick a song that highlighted her vocal. Beautiful job but she needs to mix it up a little bit. Since 'Runaway Baby' she constantly picked slow songs. She might be scared to pick an up-tempo song considering how disaster was her performance but still, there's a lot of up-tempo songs that might suit her vocal range. A-

5. Sam Woolf (Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's) 

~ Much better than last week but still, Sam needs to work on his expression and connects to the song more. He didn't have major problem with his pitch but the emotion. This song was supposed to be delivered with heart but I didn't see it from him this week. B

6. Jessica Meuse (Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac)

~ Great song choice from Jessica. I do want to see her took more risk with her song choice. I want to see she picked an unexpected song and make it her own. Good performance from Jessica. B+

7. CJ Harris (If It Hadn't Been For Love by The SteelDrivers)

~ Better than last week but he still has some trouble to sing in tune. Sometimes, he lost the tempo but luckily, he managed to find the groove back. It wasn't that bad, but still I think he can do better than this. B-

8. Caleb Johnson (Dazed And Confused by Let Zappelin)

~ This is Caleb's week to shine. His energy was great. He totally rocked the stage. His vocal is on point. Great performance from Caleb. A

9. Jena Irene (Bring Me To Life by Evanescence)

~ Jena killed it this week. Great vocal. I love the way she interacted with the band. Her energy level is great. Jena is definitely the strongest female in the competition right now. A

Great week. I love the outcome of this week. I can see the improvements from everyone except for Dexter. Here is my ranking. 

1. Jena Irene: A
2. Caleb Johnson: A
3. Alex Preston: A
4. Malaya Watson: A
5. Jessica Meuse: B+
6. Sam Woolf: B
7. Majesty Rose: B
8. CJ Harris: B-
9. Dexter Roberts: C


Bottom 3: Majesty Rose, Dexter Roberts & CJ Harris

Eliminated: Majesty Rose

Argh.. I have feelings that Majesty will be the one with the lowest number of votes this week but I still couldn't believe that Dexter or even CJ last longer than her. I totally understand why the judges didn't use the save on her. 

Next week the theme is 'Audition Songs'. I kinda like this theme. Hopefully no more Dexter!!! 

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