Wednesday, 9 April 2014

American Idol Season 13 - Top 8 Live Show


The theme for this week is 'Back to the Start'. The contestants are going to sing their audition song again. Here are my personal review on each performances. 

1. Jessica Meuse (Blue Eyed Lies by Jessica Meuse)

~ Jess auditioned with her own song. I love the song so much. I think this performance was definitely one of my favorite performance from Jess. She was so comfortable with her own songs. However the judges weren't so excited and I didn't get that kind of reactions for her performance at all. They basically said that it was just an okay performance. A

2. C.J Harris (Soulshine by The Allman Brothers Band)

~ A little bit better from CJ but still, his biggest problem was his inconsistency. I loved some parts but hated it when he was out of tune. I really want to like CJ but this didn't give him any justice. B-

3. Sam Woolf (Lego House by Ed Sheeran) 

~ Again, loved his vocal. His voice is ready. He can be a recording artist right now but still his problem was the connection. But I saw that he tried so much to connect to the song emotionally. I'm not sure if this performance will help him to avoid the bottom 3. B+

4. Malaya Watson (Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin)

~ Very consistent. Malaya continued to improve from week to week. Especially her ability to control her vocal. So much better. But honestly, this song didn't really give any impact to me as her previous performance. Still a solid vocal performance just the song.. Really bored me. B+

5. Dexter Roberts (One Mississippi by Brett Eldredge)

~ I'm not a fan of Dexter but he did a great job this week so I have to give him the credit. His phrasing and diction improved. But the best part of this performance to me was Alison Iraheta. She was robbed back in Season 8!!! A-

6. Jena Irene (Rolling In The Deep by Adele)

~ I love the arrangement so much. I think it's very smart of her to avoid the same arrangement as the original version because no one can beat it. Adele is like... Adele... I like Jena's version. I'm so glad she continued to do better and better from week to week. A

7. Caleb Johnson (Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin)

~ Caleb was just okay for me this week. He grown on me lately but this week it didn't work for me. I don't know why. Probably the song choice. I agreed with Harry that sometimes it feels like we watched the same performance from Caleb. B

8. Alex Preston (Fairytale by Alex Preston)

~ I love everything about this performance. From his vocal to the song, I love it. He wrote the song. What a great song. Alex is definitely the one to beat right now. A+

Overall, such a great week. Here is my ranking for this week;

1. Alex Preston: A+
2. Jena Irene: A
3. Jessica Meuse: A
4. Dexter Roberts: A-
5. Sam Woolf: B+
6. Malaya Watson: B+
7. Caleb Johnson: B
8. CJ Harris: B-


Bottom 3: Sam Woolf, Malaya Watson & CJ Harris

Eliminated: Sam Woolf (Saved)

I think CJ should go home over Sam. I like Sam but I'm not sure if he deserved the Judges Save. I think he deserved to outlast CJ & Dexter overall, but it very risky to use it on him. Now I'm worried for my favorites (Alex, Jena, Jess & Malaya)

Next week the theme is 80's. Arghh. Not really a fan of 80's music but we will see. 

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