Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Album Review: Better Together by Fifth Harmony


Dari semalam lagi aku duk mainkan album ni jer. Fifth Harmony ni merupakan pemenang tempat ketiga The X Factor USA musim yang lepas. Aku memang peminat mereka sejak masa pertandingan lagi so memang tak sabar tunggu album ni. 

Walaupun album in hanyalah EP dan bukannya full album, I still enjoy this album so much. EP ini hanya mempunyai 6 lagu dan ini adalah tracklist dalam album ini.
  1. Don’t Wanna Dance Alone
  2. Miss Movin’ On
  3. Better Together
  4. Who Are You
  5. Leave My Heart Out Of This
  6. Me & My Girls
I love the harmony between the girls so much. And even when they did the solo, I love how amazing their vocal blend together. They have so much potential and this EP didn't upset me. Right now they only released the first single for this album which is Miss Movin' On. I can see lot of potential second single though. I love Leave My Heart Out Of This and Who Are You the most. 

Overall, as a Harmonizer, I'm so proud of them. Even though the song is too girly, I still can enjoy every songs in this album. Right now, the album is #2 on the USA album chart and #4 on the Malaysian album chart. Go get this, Harmonizers.

Overall Rating:

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