Thursday, 31 October 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #3 Top 10


Last Saturday, I didn't have the chance to watch the show live cause I was so sleepy but I did watch the show on the next day. Here are my quick thoughts for the show this week.

1. Rough Copy (Everything I Do) ~ Their performance this week reminds me of Boyz II Men a lot. It was a good vocal performance but something missing about them this week. Not as excited as the previous weeks. B+

2. Sam Callahan (All I Want Is You) ~ I actually like this performance. I think it is his best performance yet. I love the raspyness in his voice and his tone is actually very pleasant to listen to. B+

3. Hannah Barrett (Skyfall) ~ Hannah is definitely one of the best. I love the intensity of this performance. I still don't like what they did with her image. Great vocal performance. But I want her to be more creative with her song choice. A-

4. Nicholas McDonald (Angel) ~ He's so adorable. His vocal is great. He's getting better but same as Hannah, I want him to be creative more with the song choice. It's too predictable. A-

5. Abi Alton (Moon River) ~ Much better than last week but she looks so defeated in her performance. I don't see her confident during her performance. I agree with Gary that she's missing of her true identity. This isn't her. I want to see the girl who slayed 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody'. B

6. Miss Dynamix (Dreams) ~ I have high hopes for them but I still didn't get what I want from them. This performance is so basic and there's nothing special about it. B-

7. Sam Bailey (My Heart Will Go On) ~ Predictable song choice but her vocal once again amazing. I'm worried for her actually cause she's a great singer but Sharon keep giving her the most predictable song in the world. When the theme was announced, I was like Sam is going to sing the Titanic song and I was so upset that I'm right. A

8. Kingsland Road (Oh, Pretty Woman) ~ This is basic. Nothing special about it. But their energy level is great. But I expected more from them. This was just okay for me. B

9. Luke Friend (Kiss From A Rose) ~ Nice performance. Solid vocal. I want to see him attack the song more cause it was so laid back and relax. B+

10. Tamera Foster (Listen) ~ This so again. Oh gosh. I love Beyonce but I'm not here for another 'Listen'. Sam Bailey already sing it before and we heard so many version of this song from various singing competitions already. It was good but compared to what we saw before, there's no originality in her performance. B+

For my Top 3 picks this week, I picked Sam Bailey, Hannah Barrett & Nicholas McDonald.

Bottom 2 ~ Miss Dynamix (Flash Vote) & Hannah Barrett (What?)

Sing-Off ~ Much better performance from Miss Dynamix but Hannah shouldn't be here. I was surprised she sang the same song as her audition but I get it. I don't think she saw this coming cause she was stunned and distract during her sing-off. 


Gary: Hannah
Nicole: Miss Dynamix
Louis: Miss Dynamix
Sharon: Miss Dynamix

By 3-1, Miss Dynamix was eliminated from the competition. 

Not really surprised with this decision. I don't get the vibes that I got from Little Mix & Fifth Harmony from watching their performance. They looked great together. But that's it. I was surprised with Hannah being in the bottom 2. I was like really. She was one of the best tonight. I hope she will bounce back next week.

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