Monday, 14 October 2013

The Voice USA Season 5 - Top 48 & Full Team


Satu lagi rancangan yang memang aku takkan miss ialah The Voice. Format The Voice is getting better and better. Aku tak suka sangat format Season 1 & 2 but Season 3 & 4 are great. And last two seasons also produced two commercial singers. 

Finally the Blind Auditions are over and here are the complete teams for The Voice USA Season 5. 

Team Adam

Adam has the most singers with 4 or 3 chairs. The strongest team for me this season. But here are my Final Five for Team Adam

Tessance Chin ~ She sang Try by Pink in her audition. Really strong voice and I love the rock vibes in her tones. 

Grey ~ She's very commercial and I love her voice. I got the Pop/Country vibes from her voice. She can fits both genre well. 

Ashley DuBose ~ Love her tone. Kinda like Rihanna but more soft. 

James Wolpert ~ Solid rock voice. Very likeable. He's unique and different. 

Matt Cermanski ~ Pop Indie singer. He's very creative with his song choice from what I watched from his Youtube Channel. 

Team Blake

Less Country singers for Team Blake this season which I'm totally fine with it cause I don't want Blake to become predictable in his choice. Here are my Final Five picks for Team Blake

Holly Henry ~ This one is so easy for me. She's commercial and I love how quirky and different she is. My favorite auditions for this season. 

Brandon Chase ~ I see a winner actually. He sang Wanted by Hunter Hayes and he's cute. Best country singer in this competition. 

Monika Leigh ~ She's a blues/soul singer. So gorgeous and beautiful. Public will love her. I love the maturity in her voice. 

Shelby Z ~ I love her personality. She's a good country singer. 

Ray Boudreaux ~ Another soul singer in Team Blake that I like. And he's a WGWG. 

Team Ceelo 

This is definitely the strongest Team Ceelo ever. Usually Team Ceelo was my least favorite team but I see lot of potential in his team this season. Here are my Final Five for Team Ceelo

Juhi ~ I just love her. Great personality. Very real and I love how how quirky and strong her tone is. 

Caroline Pennell ~ Another quirky singer in Team Ceelo and she's so adorable and I love her interpretation of Ellie Goulding's Anything Could Happen

Jonny Grey ~ He's a rocker and also an Air Force veteran. I love his rough tones but soulful at the same time. 

George Horga Jr ~ Cute Pop singer. I think he's very commercial and the girls will love her. 

Kat Robichaud ~ Strongest female rocker in this competition. I got Juliette Simms vibes from her and Ceelo did great with Juliet so I think he's going to be a good mentor to Kat too.

Team Christina

I love Christina's this season. She was less bitchy this cycle and picked a great team this time. Finally a diversity in her team. Here are my Final Five picks for Team Christina. 

Jacquie Lee ~ She's so cute and adorable. But her voice is even better. I love how soulful and clear her voice was during audition. 

Michael Lynch ~ He sang Bailamos and it was so great. His high register was perfecta and I love his energy. 

Stephanie Anne Johnson ~ Love this girl. She's fun and fierce. She can play guitar. Finally a Black Girl With Guitar (BGWG)

Matthew Schuler ~ Love him. He's the one with the fastest 4 chairs ever. I love the fact that he's not the typical African American male singer. He's different

Destinee Quinn ~ She's a country singer. I love her image. Great tones.

Overall, I think this is going to be another great season. There's a new addition in the format. The coach now can steal a singer during Knockout round. So;

Blind Auditions - 12 artist
Battle - 6 artist + 2 steal
Knockout - 4 artist + 1 steal
Live Shows - 5 Artist per team. 

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