Monday, 21 October 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Live Show #2 Top 11


I was able to watch another live show from a good streaming site. The theme this week was 'Love & Heartbreak'. Great theme. 

Here are my grade for every performance in Live Show #2

1. Sam Bailey (Make You Feel My Love) ~ I still can't forget Lea Michele's version from Glee but Sam did great again this week. I love the runs and how she changed it up a little bit on the verse. Very dynamic. I don't get Nicole's critique at all. She's so shady. A

2. Kingsland Road (Marry You) ~ Last week was good but they even better this week. The energy was great and they look so great together. But Nicole once again didn't like the performance. But this time, I understand her concern cause there was no lead vocal here. But I still love this performance. A

3. Nicholas McDonald (She's The One) ~ Nicholas has a crush at Nicole. Really? It's so weird lol. The vocal was great and it was his best performance so far. I don't get the performance though. Too many distractions. What's going on with people walking around the stage. I don't get it. A

4. Abi Alton (Can't Get You Out My Head) ~ After 3 great performances, I was expected another one from Abi but she upset me this week with her performance. This is totally a wrong song choice for her. Well, if she performed this with piano, it could be better she took a risk and decide to dance or walk around the stage. It's too early for her to take a risk like this. C

5. Shelley Smith (Single Ladies) ~ I love this. She had so much fun and she gave us energy. Her vocal was also solid. I don't get the judges' critique for her, especially Nicole. She was like that's wrong but what you did with Abi is supposed to be right?. A

6. Miss Dynamix (Dreams) ~ They supposed to sing but Sese (the pregnant one) was sick and had to go to the hospital 3 hours before the live show. So they received a 'Bye' this week. It's not fair to the other contestants. They should just let the other two to perform. NA

7. Sam Callahan (I Won't Give Up) ~ Much better than last week but I don't get the praised. Compared to what Nicholas & Giles did with the same song during the 6 Chairs, this one felt so amateur. Sam is a cute guy. He got the look but his voice was just too avarage for me. B-

8. Tamera Foster (Beneath Your Beautiful) ~ Finally!!! She slayed me this week. I was surprised to see this. Agree with Gary, finally I can see a superstar here. My favorite performance this week. A+

9. Luke Friend (Let Her Go) ~ I love the song. I love the raspy vibes in his tone. His voice is great but he still lacked of stage presence. He needs to control his voice more. B+

10. Rough Copy (I Want It That Way) ~ Great song choice. Very energetic. I love the R&B vibes in their performance. Not as strong as last week but still a good performance. A-

11. Hannah Barrett (Beautiful) ~ I don't like her style this week, but she did a good job. I love her passion when she sings. She wasn't just sing the song but she ate it as well. Great job. A

Fot my Top 3 picks this week, I'll go with Tamera Foster, Hannah Barrett & Sam Bailey

Bottom 2 ~ Kingsland Road (Flash Vote) & Shelley Smith

Sing-Off ~ Both acts did great with their songs. But Kingsland Road deserved to move forward. I love Shelley but if the public still didn't connect to her even with a great performance, there's nothing she can do to win this. 


Gary: Shelley
Sharon: Kingsland Road
Nicole: Shelley
Louis: Shelley

By 3-1, Shelley Smith was eliminated from the competition. 

Another great show this week. I can see lot of potential winner from this season. Tamera, Hannah, Kingsland Road, Rough Copy, Nicholas & Sam Bailey. 

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