Sunday, 27 October 2013

The X Factor USA Season 3 - Final 16


Here are the Final 16 for this season. The first live show will start this week and for this week, one act from each category will be sent home. 

Boys (Paulina Rubio)

~ I think Paulina made a solid decision. But I can't see a real threat from her category. I think she should pick Al over Carlito. I think Al would be a real threat for the title but these are her final 4

1. Carlos Guevara

~ I love him. He's definitely my favorite in this category. His tone is very clear and fresh. I like the soothing vibes from his voice. I love the fact that he didn't try to use his disability to get the sympathy from the crowd. 

2. Josh Levi

~ Very likeable and creative. I love his energy and he has a great R&B tone. I love the swag and the way he presented himself on stage. Cute and adorable. Girls will love him.

3. Tim Olstad

~ His 4 chairs challenge isn't that great but he has the likeability factor and make people want to root for him. That's why the audience fought for him and boo'ed Paulina when she removed Tim from the chair. He's a little boring though for me. 

4. Carlito Olivero

~ He's a really good singer but for certain reason, he didn't really stand out to me. I remember his audition cause he sang Stay by Rihanna but I can't remember his next performance at all. But I do think Paulina like him a lot. 

Girls (Demi Lovato)
~ Tough category but I think Demi made a right decision. I want to see Simone here but I think she made a wrong choice with her song. Too old fashioned for me. 
1. Danie Geimer

~ I love her. I think her voice is so strong but she needs to stop picking old songs. I want to hear she sings a modern song. I think her tone is superb and the control of her voice is really good. 

2. Rion Paige

~ Another great choice from Demi. She's a country singer and she's great and adorable. I think she has massive potential in the country music. Great vocal. Her tone reminds me of Carrie so she needs to stop singing Carrie's so people will stop comparing her to Carrie Underwood.

3. Ellona Santiago

~ She's definitely a popstar. She can dance and she loves to sing current songs. She needs to work on her stamina. She's also a former member of Intensity which is a manufactured group from Season 1. 

4. Khaya Cohen

~ Khaya is a great singer but she needs to control her voice more. Cause when she tried to hit the high notes she came across as screaming to me. I still love her quirky tone.

Groups (Simon Cowell)

~ Once again Simon got the groups. Overall, I think he made a right decision. Country boyband is a very genius idea. 

1. Alex & Sierra

~ They're so adorable together. I love their creativity. Their harmony is very tight and they complimented each other. I love them. 

2. Restless Road

~ They need to work on their harmony. But the potentials are huge. I can see they win this competition. There's a market for them right now. 

3. Sweet Suspense

~ Another manufactured group this season. They have potential and I want to see them more before I can judge them. Unlike Fifth Harmony last season who really impressed me with their first performance together. I'm still undecided with Sweet Suspense.
4. Roxxy Montana

~ They are sisters. I think the one with the blue hair should do solo. I don't like their chemistry even though they are sisters. I want them to work on their stage presence and harmony more. 

Overs 25 (Kelly Rowland)

~ Kelly did a great decision. I totally understand her decision. I would love to see Victoria her but she's kinda messed up her 4 chairs challenge performance. Here are Kelly's final 4 for Overs category.
1. Rachel Potter

~ Love her. She's the country version of Lea Michele due to her broadway background. Her tone is beautiful. I think she has massive potential. Her 4 chairs challenge was great until she blew her high notes at the end. She needs to work on that. 

2. Jeff Gutt

~ He's from last season. This time he made it to the live rounds. Public will definitely love him. If Josh Krazcik can make it to the finale, I think he can do it as well. He needs to work on his song choice more. No more predictable song choice.

3. Lillie McCloud

~ Great gospel voice. She's a professional. I love her voice but I'm not sure if she's relevant in this current music industry. But she's definitely has a great voice. 

4. James Kenney

~ He made it to the Judges House before failed to make it to the live rounds. This time he made it. Great voice. I love his 4 chairs challenge. This is going to be a tough category to choose the final 3. 

Overall, I think this is going to be a great season. Judges will make the first decision this week. They're going to eliminate one of the acts from their category. Here is my prediction.

Paulina ~ Tim Olstad. 
Demi ~ Ellona Santiago
Simon ~ Roxxy Montana
Kelly ~ James Kenney

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