Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The X Factor UK Season 2 - Live Show #1 Top 12


During the first live show, I was so lucky cause I can't sleep and I able to find a good stream link. And my UNIFI Internet Connection was also perfect. So I wait until 3 AM in the morning to watch the shows which is kinda ridiculous but I still did it.

Here are my grade for the First Live Shows

1. Hannah Barrett (What's Love Got To Do) ~ Solid performance. The song choice didn't really challenge her vocal though. She's better than this song. A-

2. Nicholas McDonald (True) ~ His vocal is fine but it's a little bit boring. But I was surprised with his stage present this time. B

3. Miss Dynamix (Jump) ~ I was worried for SeSe cause she's pregnant but I was surprised to see her energy. And they have choreographer for their performance. The vocal was off to me. Need to work on the harmony more. B-

4. Sam Bailey (The Power of Love) ~ Wow. Just wow. And her makeover is gorgeous. Great vocal. But the song choice. Predictable girl but still great. A

5. Sam Callahan (Summer of 69') ~ The vocal is not good but he has good energy and he's very charming. C+

6. Kingsland Road (I'm Your Man) ~ Great energy and I love the improvement especially in the harmonization. Great performance. A-

7. Shelley Smith (Alone) ~ This song. I love this song but I'm so tired with it. Problem with the low part. The key is too low. But her high notes are great. B+

8. Abi Alton (Living On A Prayer) ~ I'm not sure about this first but it grown on me a lot. I love how angelic her tone was. She's different but she needs something more than this to win. A-

9. Lorna Simpson (So Emotional) ~ The production was too big for her. And she has some problem with vocal. C+

10. Tamera Foster (Ain't Nobody) ~ Great performance. I love her energy but I want to see more from her especially from the vocal. A-

11. Luke Friend (Every Breathe You Take) ~ Solid performance. Much better from her 6 Chairs performance. I love how creative he was with the song. B+

12. Rough Copy (In The Air Tonight) ~ Great performance. The harmony is great. I love how edgy they were and what a great version of the song. A

It's really hard for me to pick my Top 3 this week, but I'm going with 

Sam Bailey, Rough Copy & Hannah Barrett. 

Bottom 2 ~ Shelley (Flash Vote) & Lorna 

Sing Off ~ I think Shelley did a great job with One Night Only. Better than Alone. Lorna also did good but I think Shelley should stay. Yeah she's probably going to end in the Bottom 2 again next week but she deserved to move forward. 

Result ~ 

Sharon: Refused to vote since it's her two acts. 
Louis: Lorna
Gary: Shelley

By 2-1, Lorna was eliminated. 

Overall, it's a great show this week. So much potential. And we don't have Rylan Clark or Christopher Maloney this season. 


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