Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Album Review: Roulette by Blue

Hello & Good Morning. 

Korang tahu tak boyband bernama Blue. Yeah long ago (make me sounds so old) around 2001, Blue mula bertapak dalam industri muzik. Blue ni boyband yang berasal dari UK. Time tu boyband memang popular lah. Ada Westlife, Backstreet Boys dan N'Sync. Tapi antara semua tu, my paling favorite is Blue. 

Blue berpecah around 2005 because they want to pursue their solo career. Masa tu memang tengah popular lagi and I think it was a bad decision. Apparently, Elton John advised them to go for solo. Boo. I think they're better as group and I was right. Their solo career didn't worked for every single one of them. Mereka ni lebih popular as a group more. 

So around 2011, mereka officially bergabung kembali and released a comeback single. Not a strong song for a comeback. But they come again and released their fourth studio album after All Rise (2001), One Love (2002) & Guilty (2003) which is Roulette (2013). Here are the full tracklist

  1.  “Hurt Lovers”
  2. “Without You”
  3. “Break My Heart”
  4. “Ayo” 
  5. “Risk it All”
  6. “Heart on My Sleeve”
  7. “We’ve Got Tonight”
  8. “Paradise”
  9. “Black Box”
  10. “Broken”
  11. “Break You Down”
  12. “All I Need”
  13. “I Can”

I already listened to the full album. Not as strong as the first three album, but it's still a good album for a pop music lover. I think some of the songs sound so similar. Their vocal are still amazing. The harmony still tight and I love how dynamic Lee's vocal is. Lee is still their strongest vocalist to me. Most of my favorite tracks in this album are the ballads and mid tempo. I think that's the strongest think about Blue. 

My Favorites: Hurt Lovers, Break My Heart, Black Box, All I Need, Broken

Overall Rating:

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