Friday, 11 October 2013

The X Factor UK Season 10 - Final 12


Finally The X Factor UK will start their live show tomorrow. Here are the 12 finalists for this season. I'm not so sure who I want to root for this season yet, but Hannah & Sam B are definitely my favorite for now. 

Boys Category

Nicholas McDonald ~ Great vocalist. Definitely the best vocal in the Boys Category. But he tends to sing ballad so he needs to mix it up a little bit. Tak pernah dengan lagi dia nyanyi lagu up tempo. 

Sam Callahan ~ Girls will love her. I don't think we saw him enough so he's going to be the darkhorse of the competition. He has tons of followers from his Youtube channel.

Luke Friend ~ I think he's a great artist but after his audition he didn't impressed me at all. I don't like his image. I want to see Giles over him actually. I think Giles has more potential. 

Girls Category

Hannah Barrett ~ She's amazing. She deserved her spot in the Final 3 Girls and she even deserved to be in the final now but I'm not sure if lots of people will vote for her. She needs to pick a current song in order to gain new fans. 

Abi Alton ~ I like her. She's very creative and likeable. She needs to work on her star power cause I don't see a star now. Nicole needs to work on that. 

Tamera Foster ~ Tamera looks like a star but I don't see that in her performances yet. She forgot her lyrics in I Have Nothing, screamed in Stay and Fallin' was so safe. She has so much potential but I really think she needs to be in a group with Miss Dynamix. I think Melanie or Jade deserved her spot more.

Overs Category

Sam Bailey ~ Oh My Gosh at her makeover photo above. She looks stunning. She's very likeable and her Six Chair Challenge of Clown by Emeli Sande is my favorite of this season. I want her to win. 

Lorna Simpson ~ We barely saw her. But I think she's great. With the right song choice she can go deep in this competition. 

Shelley Smith ~ She's so going to be the first act eliminated this week. I got that vibes from her. I think Sharon made a mistake. She should pick Joseph. He has ton of fans already. Yeah, he's annoying but Sharon's chance is so much better with Joseph over Shelley. 


Rough Copy ~ I don't like them at first but they grows on me a lot through the competition. I'm so glad when Gary said he's going to do everything he can to bring the other member to join them back and he did. They're much better with 3 members.

Miss Dynamix ~ I'm not so sure about their first performance but they have so much potential. And then hear come the news that one of them is 5 months old pregnant. How they're going to dance and do choreography now?

Kingsland Road ~ They're so fresh and they can dance. They need to pick a right songs for them and work the harmonies more but they has potential. I think Gary made the best choice. I hope he can win this season cause he's a good mentor. 

My Ranking

1. Sam Bailey
2. Hannah Barrett
3. Rough Copy
4. Abi Alton
5. Nicholas McDonald
6. Tamera Foster
7. Miss Dynamix
8. Sam Callahan
9. Lorna Simpson
10. Kingsland Road
11. Luke Friend
12. Shelley Smith

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