Friday, 19 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 10


First, no more video from largesibling. I think his account was terminated. I hope he will come back someday so I can share the video with you guys. 

Here are my recaps for today's episode

1) Jeremy try his best to save himself. But it's a little too late. And Jeremy as a baby is not cute at all. He also trying to make a deal with Helen & Elissa and promise them that he will not go after them. He will put Aaryn & Kaitlin over them which is b.s. I don't think Helen & Elissa trust him at all.

2) Houseguests are getting tired with Gina Marie sobbing over Nick. It's like a week already and she's still not finish mourning over Nick. So they want to prank Gina Marie by hiding Nick's stuffs such as mug, cereal box and shorts. Gina Marie find out about that and she's crying. Other houseguests feel bad and they give it back and tell Gina, they are just joking with her. But not Aaryn. I don't get her. GM is her bestie but she loves to see GM suffer from this prank. 

3) Interview with McManda's parents. I think McCrae's parents kinda proud with their son but Amanda's parents kinda surprise with this hook up and her mother secretly wish that McCrae is a CEO of software company instead of a pizza delivery boy. 

4) Jeremy was evicted by 9-1-0. Only Kaitlin voted to evict Spencer. I think he handles his eviction and interview really well. 

5) Julie reveals the new twist for MVP. This week America is the MVP and America will decide who's the third nominee. Duh, Aaryn!!!

4) HOH Competition. They need to predict who will America answer for several royalty title. Kaitlin once again made it to tiebreaker but lost again. This time to Judd. Judd is the new HOH. I'm so happy. I think he deserve this. I can't wait to see Judd & Jessie spend their time in the HOH room cause these two are so cute together. 

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