Sunday, 28 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 12

Hello, BB Fans..

Finally watched episode 12. Here are my recaps of this episode.

1) Elissa starts to paranoid when she wasn't called to DR for MVP. And to make things worse, she was nominated by America this week. Yes, America is the MVP. 

2) Everyone starts to speculate on what happened. Kaitlin thinks Elissa nominated herself so she can cause some drama. Elissa accused one of the mean girls that put her up. 

3) Pov Competition. The players are Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa and McCrae & Helen (random picks). Another fun competition. There's an election theme and the HGs must dig through a mud pit to find ballots with different numerical values. They have eight minutes to collect four ballots, and whoever's total is the highest wins. Each time they get one they must decide to keep it or discard it. Some have punishments or rewards that the HGs must take whether they win or lose.

4) Elissa won the veto with 40 points. But she must sit out for the POV next week as her punishment. Judd got 24 hours in solitary confinement & Helen received an 8pm curfew for two nights. McCrae won $5000. 

5) It's time for McCrae's birthday. It was supposed to be fun but Elissa starts to insult Amanda's outfit and said she looks like a stripper and she'll never wear a one piece bathsuit with a body like that. Lol. That's mean and Amanda's crying in the bathroom. It's quite ironic considering Amanda always insulted Candice's weight before.

6) Elissa removed herself from the block and the next choice for MVP nominee is Gina Marie.  

Here are the link from Dailymotion (Courtesy of QuirkyDude)

Episode 12

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