Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 11

Hello BB Fans!!!

This is my recap for the last episode. 

1) Judd won HOH but I don't think he plan to win. I love the letter from his parents. Very sweet and nice. 

2) Howard & Candice showmance. They look so cute together but I think we all know that Howard don't like Candice as much as Candice likes him. 

3) Gina Marie can't speak English properly. She thinks 'compronization' is a word.

4) Have Nots Competition. Another fun competition. The HGs divide into three teams of four. They weigh themselves first, then must eat a lot of frozen yogurt to gain the most weight. Everyone will enjoy two flavors: chocolate/vanilla swirl, and habanero/anchovy. Gina Marie is definitely the Queen of Froyo. She & her teammates (Aaryn, Kaitlin & Helen) gain most weights. Runner up is Team Amanda (with McCrae, Howard & Elissa). So Jessie, Andy, Candice & Spencer going to be the Have Nots for this week. 

5) Amanda once again become Demanda. She demands and kinda threats Judd to put up Howard. She wants Judd to do her dirty works. Judd didn't like the fact that Amanda push him to put Howard cause he's not on Howard's radar. 

6) Judd decide to nominate Aaryn & Kaitlin. It's a safe nomination but it's a good one. People want these two to be on the block. He put Amanda's key last. She needs to tone it down a little bit. If she worry that Howard is gunning for her, maybe she should start to win some competition then.

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