Thursday, 18 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 9


Just watch new episode of Big Brother and here are my breakdowns for this episode.

1) Elissa win MVP again. I like Elissa but this isn't fun anymore. Amanda & McCrae want Elissa to nom Howard because of the lying situation with Helen. But Elissa don't feel good about that. And there's a confrontation between them. I kinda agree with Elissa. If the plan is to evict Jeremy, it doesn't matter who goes up. Beside that Spencer don't really have anyone protect him while Candice likes Howard and she will be upset with Elissa if she puts up Howard. 

2) Jeremy don't get a coin to play veto. So the plan is working out fine for Helen & Co. POV this week is a memory challenge with a trampoline twist. The players are Helen, Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer, Gina Marie & Candice. Kailin win the veto and the different between her time and the runner up (Candice) is so huge. I think Kaitlin prove that she's a comp threat. 

3) However, it's a bittersweet win for Kaitlin cause if she remove herself from the block, Helen will put up Jeremy but if she refuse to use the veto on herself, she might be going home. At the end, she remove herself and just like that, Jeremy is on the block. Yay!!! 

4) Right now, the plan is for Jeremy to go home but anything can happen. I doubt the Houseguests will change their mind, cause Jeremy is such a threat in a douche way. So bye-bye Jerkmy!!!

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