Thursday, 11 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 5

Finally I manage to watch Episode 5. A little bit busy. But I'm still here. 

1) Let's start with HOH. It was so close between Jeremy/Aaryn & Andy/Elissa. I really want to see Andy/Elissa win but Jeremy/Aaryn won because Jeremy has long fingers. Duh. To make things worse, he let Aaryn to be HOH. 

2) Aaryn get to choose the Have Nots this week and she asked who voted for David. No one say anything so  she picked Elissa, Helen, Andy & Candice. Candice was like I didn't vote for David but Aaryn just don't care. I hate Aaryn so much.

3) I'm not sure which one is creepier, Aaryn or her childhood clown?

4) Jessie stalking moment was so funny. She follows Nick everywhere. OMG, she's so desperate for a showmance. 

5) Finally the producer show how racist and evil Aaryn was in the BB House. Her comments towards Helen's eyes, rice and nails thing and also how she didn't like Candice because she's African American are so disturbing. I'm glad they show that comments

6) Nomination Time.. Duh.. Aaryn chose to nominate Elissa & Helen for eviction. And the target for this week is Elissa. I hope she fails again.

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