Monday, 1 July 2013

Big Brother 15: Episode 2


So many things happened from the live feeds. I must say that this year hgs are craazy!!! Too bad we don't see the craziness much from this episode but here are my reactions and review for this episode.

1. Jessie was so delusional but I kinda like her. And she knew the game well. But she need to tone it down her desperateness of a man. 

2. Moving Company Alliance was formed. Between 5 men. I like Nick, McCrae & Howard but Spencer & Jeremy annoyed me so much. If you watch live feeds, you will understand why I don't like them.

3. Judd grown on me a lot. I don't like this guy before but I love him now!!!

4. McCrae nominated Jessie & Candice for eviction. I think he made the right decision. None of those two girls in the great position right now.

5. I love the Have-Not challenge this week. Red (Andy, Helen, Elissa, Howard & Judd) lost so they have to stay in the Have-Not room which is crazy. I love the flight theme. It's definitely not comfortable at all. Much better room than last season. 

6. I think Nick is playing the best game right now. Amanda has the best confessionals and Elissa is my personal favorite. She's like the good version of Rachel. 

Here are the full video for Episode 2. Thanks to the uploader. Enjoy

The video's gone already

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