Monday, 15 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 7


This is my recap for Episode 7. 

1. Eviction time!!! Nick was so confident that he will stay. But he was wrong. When McCrae learned that Jessie want to flip, he decided to vote with Amanda to keep Elissa. Nick was so shocked. I love this. Gina Marie cried for like 7 hours straight. Lol. If she know that Nick didn't really like her. 

2. Votes to Evict Nick - Amanda, McCrae, Candice, Judd, Andy, Jessie & surprisingly Spencer. I think he knew that they don't have the numbers anymore. 

3. Votes to Evict Elissa - Gina Marie, Jeremy, Kaitlin & Howard. Howard tried to blame Jessie for this vote. Liar liar!!! But it didn't worked out. Haha

4. Nick was so cocky in his interview. But I still like him. I think his biggest mistake in this game was not telling Elissa that he will vote for Kaitlin cause Elissa planned to put Kaitlin as Jeremy's replacement. 

5. HoH competition. It was close between these 4 (Helen, Jessie, Kaitlin & Howard) but Helen won the tiebreaker question. I'm so happy. She deserved that cause she studied so late the previous night.

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