Sunday, 28 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 13


It's time for the fourth eviction. Here are my recaps. 

1) Judd, Howard, Spencer, Kaitlin & Gina Marie made an alliance and they called themselves 'The Grasshoppers'. Unfortunately Judd didn't really like this alliance so he turned on them by telling the other houstguests about this fake alliance. 

2) People started to consider to vote out Kaitlin over Aaryn because Kaitlin is more smart and likeable than Aaryn while Aaryn will always has target on her back. Helen told Elissa about Kaitlin's deal with Howard & Spencer and try to convince her to vote out Kaitlin.

3) But Elissa don't trust Aaryn so she went to Kaitlin and tell her that Aaryn told people about her deal with Howard & Spencer and now people want Kaitlin to be evicted. Aaryn overheard this conversation and she tells Helen about it. Helen confronts Elissa about it but Elissa denied. Suddenly everyone is in the room for a house meeting. Elissa & Aaryn had a fight. 

4) Time for live vote. Everyone vote to evict Kaitlin. Kailin was so pissed off and she only hugs Gina Marie on her way out. 

5) HoH Competition. It's all about luck & focus. They must drop a ball down a ramp onto a roulette wheel. The highest number out of 36 wins. Aaryn scores the highest score and Elissa & Amanda almost tie Aaryn's score. It's going to be interesting to see if Aaryn will honor her deals with Helen. 

Here is the link for Episode 13

Episode 13

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