Sunday, 7 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 4

~ The first eviction ceremony!!!

~ But before that, there were a 'Winegate' & 'Hatgate'. 

~ The Winegate starts when the Have-Nots are about to be able to eat again and everyone agrees to wait until midnight to drink the alcohol so they can have some. But Aaryn (of course) wants to drink and Jeremy steal a Red Wine bottle and they shared it

~ When the Have-Nots can eat and drink and start to wonder where the red wine is, Aaryn shows up and she feels then other HGs give her mean looks. She then lies to Jeremy about how the Have-Nots were acting, sending him in to stir up trouble. Jeremy comes in and curses the Have-Nots out, proudly boasting that he drank all the red wine.

~ I hate Jeremy & Aaryn even more. They're so bitchy. And I dislike this HGs as well; Kaitlyn, Spencer & Gina-Marie. I can't wait to see their face when Julie read the result.

~ Result. David was evicted from the house by 7-5-0. Aaryn's face!!! I love that!!! She deserved that.I felt bad for David though. He's a great guy but Aaryn ruined him.

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