Monday, 15 July 2013

Big Brother 15 - Episode 8


This is my recap for the latest episode of Big Brother

1. After the eviction. Gina Marie had a meltdown. A really crazy meltdown actually. She found Nick's short and hat and bring it along with her everywhere. 

2. While Aaryn, Jeremy & Kaitlin started to pick on Jessie who decided to flip. But I'm so proud of Jessie. She managed to defend herself well. Judd came and took Jessie out of the room full with evil people. So sweet. I love the two of them together.

3. Then Aaryn flipped the mattress of Candice's bed. Here comes the drama. Aaryn & Gina Marie mocked the way black people speak while Kailin was laughing at the background. I really hate these 3 along with Jeremy. I bet Candice almost slap those 3 girls but Howard came and pick up Candice out from the room. I felt bad for Candice. It was too much. But Howard convinced her to rise above all this petty racist crap and be better than those dumb women out there. 

4. The plastics then started to pick on Jessie again. Then here comes Queen Amanda and she owned Aaryn and called out Aaryn for being a racist. Aaryn was like 'No you're a liar' or something like that but Amanda dragged her to the pit.

5. At least Jeremy acted better than the girls. But it was so fake. No longer in 'Beast Mode' I guess.

6. Have Not Competition. Team Red (Candice, Elissa, Andy & Spencer) vs Team Blue (Howard & the Plastics) vs Team Yellow (Judd, McCrae, Jessie & Amanda). I'm rooting for Red & Yellow. Even Howard root the other team and he's trying to throw the comp. I was laugh out so loud especially when Howard throw the milk onto Aaryn's face. She deserved that. But at the end Red & Blue won the challenge and Yellow is the Have Nots for this week. 

7. Nomination ceremony was so easy. Aaryn & Kaitlin were nominated by Helen but the real target is Jeremy. They want to backdoor him cause they worried if Jeremy will turn into the Beast Mode again. Hopefully the plan is working. 

My Ranking this week

1. Judd
2. Elissa
3. Amanda
4. Candice
5. Jessie
6. Helen
7. Andy
8. McCrae
9. Howard
10. Spencer
11. Kaitlin
12. Gina Marie
13. Aaryn
14. Jeremy

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