Saturday, 9 November 2013

Album Review: PRISM by Katy Perry


Katy Perry is definitely one of my favorite artist in the world. Her music just inspired me to do better in life. Her last album 'Teenage Dream' is one of my favorite pop album of all time. So I do have high expectation for her third album, PRISM. And she didn't let me down at all. 

PRISM is third studio album from Katy Perry after One of the Boys (2008) & Teenage Dream (2010). Katy Perry also released a Pop Gospel album back in 2001 but she was known as Katy Hudson back then which is her real name. 

There are so many potential singles from PRISM. I love Katy's maturity and vulnerability in this album. She elevated herself to something better than before. Her first single, Roar is definitely the anthem of the year. And I love her second single even more. I love the vulnerability and Katy's emotion in Unconditionally. 

Other songs that really grab my attention such as Dark Horse, Walking On Air, This Is How We Do, Legendary Lovers and many more. I also can see Katy's trying to inject her gospel soul in several songs for instance By The Grace of God & Spiritual. Overall, I love this album. Go and grab it, Katycats!!!

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